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Every day we hear more experts preaching the gospel of podcasting as a content marketing tool. It’s a very enticing sermon. We get to have our own cute little pre-recorded radio show our audience can listen to when they’re working out or driving in the car.

But how is a podcast supposed to help grow our business?

In theory, podcasts create brand fanatics, people who are deeply invested in who we are as people and as business professionals. This is essence of long-form content marketing.

Every minute that a customer or prospect listens to us speak with authority we’re establishing ourselves as a thought-leader. Conceptually the more time our audience spends with our content the more authority we have as content marketers.

According to Google Analytics the average visitor to my website stays for two minutes and seven seconds. According to Stitcher {popular alternative to iTunes} the average podcast listener stays for twenty two minutes.

If you believe the concept that the time our audience spends in front of our content builds authority then by these statistics I would have to produce 11 blog posts to equal just one podcast.

Podcasts place the ideas and expertise that establish us as an authority in front of our audience for a longer period of time per interaction. From a business content marketing strategy, this is why we podcast.