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I was just looking on google+ & ran across this wonderful article. (I don't know why I didn't see it yesterday). 


It's full of good observations and information seen through the eyes of  journalist, David Brewer, who is also a media strategist from


Here's an excerpt:


Who to curate for?


It's important to know who is going to benefit from your curation efforts. This will help you decide what to curate, what to invest time and effort in developing, and how to present the resulting material.


A journalist covering a specialism or working a beat will be probably find it easier to decide what material to curate.


A general reporter may find it more difficult. But all journalists should have areas they are interested in and all should understand the needs of their audience. So gathering material based on your interests and the needs of your audience is a good starting point.


"Journalists have been curating content for years. It’s always been an integral part of newsgathering. We may not have called it curation, but we were doing it all the same. In fact curation is an essential part of our job.

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