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The Evolution of Ecosystems: from Biology to Technology to Marketing

The Evolution of Ecosystems: from Biology to Technology to Marketing | Digital ecosystems |
Learn how a marketing partner ecosystem can help add value to your solution.


Today Marketo is excited to announce the launch of our new partner ecosystem, Marketo LaunchPoint.


You can check it out at and see the 65+ partners which make this the most complete marketing ecosystem available today.


But before diving into the details we should discuss 3 important questions

What is an ecosystem?Why are ecosystems important?Why is a Marketing ecosystem important today?


What is an ecosystem?

The traditional concept of an ecosystem comes from the field of biology and ecology, describing a community of living and nonliving components such as plants, animals, microbes, air, water and soil all interacting with each other. The key characteristic of an ecosystem is interdependence where each component is dependent on each other component. For example a herbivore needs to eat plants which in turn need air, water and soil to grow. When animals die and decompose this then releases carbon and nutrients which allow plants to grow. And so the cycle of life continues.


The term ecosystem then entered the business world in the early 1990s, became intertwined with the concepts of network effect and platforms for technology companies and has reached mainstream awareness with the success of ecosystems such as iOS and Android. At Marketo, we define an ecosystem to be a complementary set of solutions that amplify the power of the underlying marketing platform, extending the value of what you already have. For example, a solution that creates and captures more leads makes a marketing automation platform more valuable. The inverse is also true. A solution that captures more leads is of limited value unless you can nurture those leads to a successful outcome with a marketing automation platform. Our short hand for this is 1+1=3. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Why are ecosystems important?

Ecosystems are important because they give users greater choice, extensibility, trust and discoverability.


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Scooped by Magnus Jósefsson!

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