Your Smartphone has a Dark Side That May Surprise You
Maybe not so smart after all
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How the AI cloud could produce the richest companies ever
“The prize will be to become the operating system of the next era of tech,” says Arun Sundararajan, who studies how digital technologies affect the economy at NYU’s Stern School of Business. And Puneet Shivam, president of Avendus Capital US, an investment bank, says: “The leaders in the AI cloud will become the most powerful companies in history.”
Interactive Hologram Technologies
We Are Here To Create :: Kai-Fu Lee /
"My original dream of finding who we are and why we exist ended up in a failure. Even though we invented all these wonderful tools that will be great for our future, for our kids, for our society, we have not figured out why humans exist. What is interesting for me is that in understanding that t...