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This piece is written by Joe Fernandez for his blog socialmouths Infographic from ArgyleSocial


In this article, the author asks the question: Is social commerce the next big thing on the Internet but, is the consumer ready to make purchases from social networks?


What caught my attention:


**According to Gartner Research, by 2015 companies will generate 50% of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications


The author asks this quesstion and has some very interesting statistics to tell us about what's really happening.


**If you are here is because you are at least above the typical social network user, I know I am. You’ve probably purchase products online before.


**Have you purchase anything through Facebook? I have not.


So let’s take a look at this new infographic from ArgyleSocial, which perhaps brings a more realistic view of the state of social commerce.


The main points here are:


**Audience size doesn’t always translate into more revenue. Smaller brands tend to have bigger audiences and I think this is due to better communication strategies


**Only 17% of the brands included in the study feature products and 4% have integrate Facebook checkout features


****Brands are not asking for a sale. 49% never include calls to action in messages


**on Twitter. 44% on Facebook Only 29% include special offers/deals on posts


**(Even though we know most people “Like” brands to get access to them) -


**65% of the brands only share their own content



**91% do not use premium social media management tools and rely mostly on  free solutions


**We, as entrepreneurs, have the advantage to become aware and adjust a strategy much faster than a big corporation.


**Are you already selling your products on Facebook?


**Are you planning to do so?


**Or from the consumer side, are you making purchases on social platforms like Facebook?


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