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Rescooped by Gisele CP from Dênia Falcão - IPE - Inova Práticas Educacionais!

Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0 | Digital |
The community for educators using Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies!

Via Dênia Falcão
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Rescooped by Gisele CP from Interactive Teaching and Learning!

Open Educational Resources & Creative Commons

Ever wondered if you should use the work of others in your own products? How do you attribute these resources? How can you share educational resources openly while protecting your rights?

Via Anne Whaits
Maggie Verster's curator insight, February 1, 2013 10:03 AM

Great visual slideshow in Copyright. Love the pictures.

Rescooped by Gisele CP from Interactive Teaching and Learning!

The Padagogy Wheel ... it's a Bloomin' Better Way to Teach

The Padagogy  Wheel ... it's a Bloomin' Better Way to Teach | Digital |

" Dr Ian Green from the School of Education here at Adelaide and I [Allan Carrington] have used Padagogy 101 (introduction to iPad in HE) and Padagogy 201 (more advanced use for L&T) to train over 600 faculty from universities in Australia. During my research I saw lots of great work done by others using Bloom’s Taxonomy including the Revised Taxonomy which has now become the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. However when I discovered the excellent pioneer work done by Kathy Schrock with “Bloomin’ Apps” I got the idea for the Padagogy Wheel. Dare I say it but it is the next version for mobile learning of the ongoing importance of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s is still fundamental to good teaching and learning."

Via Anne Whaits
Elena Keating's curator insight, August 15, 2013 7:12 PM

A good starting point for I-pad apps and usage for educational purposes. Great to have the links. As always the first step in a journey that has many twists and turns. It takes you where you want to go but there are many pathways you can take and who knows where they will lead you!Sometimes it's the journey that is important not just the destination.

Audrey's comment, August 16, 2013 8:05 AM
This is so helpful. As a visual learner I can see how the wheel can be used for home schooling. It is a fantastic resource for contextualising learning.
Mary Coghlan's comment, August 19, 2013 8:11 PM
I really like how this is presented. A great approach that presents a number of choices to be used for teaching and learning. Being a visual learner, I find this very accessible.