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This article and infographic posted by Chelsey Kilser and Daily Infographic and is about the of findings from Entrepreneur, TheLogoFactory and Logodesignworks. 


Jan Gordon:


Effective social business requires a strong brand message,  great content and the ability to build community through deeper engagement and is first and foremost. However, the way you package your services matters and the colors you use are very important.




"Colors matter and they are one of the factors that keeps your company standing out, gives your company a voice and gives you leverage over other similar companies."


Here are a few takeaways:


**The true colors of the world's top brands:


     *29% use red

     *33% use blue

     *13% use yellow

     *28% use black or grayscale


**Good information about how people respond to different colors


     Here are just a few:


      *Red is agressive, provacative, attention-



      *Purple signifies royalty, sophistication, mystery


      *Black means prestige, value, timelessness


      *Brown is earthlike, natural, simplistic


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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