The Future Of Health Care Is You | DigitAG& journal |

Devices like smartphones, Fuelbands, and Fitbits are capturing increasingly insightful data, giving us instant feedback on our health, from how we eat, sleep, and exercise, to our heart rates, blood pressure, and stress levels. For those seeking more complex data about themselves, companies like Wellness FX, 23&Me, and San Intelligence are offering the chance to look at our own individual blood chemistry and DNA and make healthier choices based on that info.


The technology is going to progress faster than we realize. Soon we’re going to be drinking milkshakes containing microchips that can feed back to us the state of our physical selves in real-time. And as we reach that point, the most productive health change you can make is to exercise a little better or eat a little more mindfully.

Via ddrrnt, Mariana Soffer