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America Will Always Love Whitney Houston. The singer cracked the top ten on Billboard´s Hot 100 this week. I Will Always Love You reached number seven and saw ridiculous surges in digital...


Assignment A

1. The basic subject of this column is showing Whitney Houston's top hits on the board.

2. This is not a very long article, but the main point is basically just stating what some of her songs were rated and her increased audiences since she passed away.

3. The writer's opinion, I would say, would be that they are surprised of how much the popularity increased and that even though she is gone, she will still continue to surge.

4. The writer does state their opinion directly: "The posthumous love continues for Whitney. She will be terrible missed."

5. (SKIP)

6. In this short article, you learn that the columnist was a fan of Whitney Houston and that they are upset that she died.

7. This article was written for both a reader that wants to be informed quickly, and a reader that enjoys reading other peoples' opinions about that particular topic.

8. The writer doesn't necessarily want you to agree/disagree with them. They just simply state what they feel about the subject.


Assignment B

When you read this short article, it has both a logical appeal (logos) and an emotional appeal (pathos), because it gives you information on her songs that recently soared through the charts and it also gives you a sense of what they feel about her passing.

"I Will Always Love You saw 195,000 digital sales last week, a whopping 6723% increase, and 18 million audience impression through airplay, a 915% increase."

"...She will be terribly missed."

The examples above prove that the article both have an emotional and logical appeal. The author states the facts, and then they say what they feel about Whitney Houston and her continous increasing success.