How Much Is the Internet's Electric Bill? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Développement durable et efficacité énergétique |
The data centers that keep the Internet running require an incredible amount of electricity every year ... and they waste most of it.

While surfing the web, you’re probably more concerned with the charge left on your laptop’s battery. But how much power does it require to keep the Internet itself running?

Powering worldwide data centers for major web companies like Google and Amazon is a huge undertaking. Between the servers and their cooling systems, 'data barns' consume 30 billion watts annually, about 1.5% of global electricity. And at the rate the Internet is growing and adding users, expect that to rise significantly in the next several years.

Are these centers being run efficiently? What toll does it take on the environment just to make sure your Facebook status (and a billion other Facebook users’) reaches the masses?

Learn more in this infographic via Mashable...

Via Lauren Moss