Nature as Capital?  Or Nature as Inspiration? | Développement durable et efficacité énergétique |
We all too often in today’s prevailing business paradigm see the world around us through anthropocentric eyes. We view the world as a collection of things to be utilised for human consumption. Nature and the ‘ecosystem services’ that flow from nature are viewed in terms of the value they provide us. Often, within ‘sustainability programmes’ biodiversity is valued in terms of how it benefits the human stakeholder groups involved. This rather incomplete view of nature and life (encouraged through reductionist, mechanistic world views) rather overlooks the deeply important truth that life is an interconnected web of life; where ecosystems are systems of interconnected life with humans a strand within this diverse and rich fabric of life.


Good article on two differing views of "valuing" nature and the problem of "monetising" natural capital.

Via Willy De Backer