Applaud Efforts To Turn Britain's Isle Of Wight Into A Self-Sufficient Island of Renewable Energy | Développement durable et efficacité énergétique |
Over the past decade, efforts in environmental stewardship have increased exponentially. Now being green, clean, and using renewable and sustainable energy sources are ways of life. More and more organizations are bending to the demands for efficient and unpolluted products, leading to a surge in green technologies and sustainable farming techniques. Such awareness and effort is truly commendable and has sparked impressive energy projects all over the world: one of the most recent being David Green’s Ecoisland project on Britain’s Isle of Wight. Within the past year, the Ecoisland project has become world-renowned due to its goal to make the small island a self-sufficient haven of renewable energy by 2020. Such prowess and devotion to environmental health is truly a praiseworthy cause that deserves applause and recognition.
Via Hans De Keulenaer