DevOps in the Enterprise
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DevOps in the Enterprise
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Configuration Management as Legos

Configuration Management as Legos | DevOps in the Enterprise |
Organizing configuration management code is clearly a good idea, but how do you do it? This is a proposal for an organizational pattern that I'm calling the "lego pattern."
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Who doesn't love legos!

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InfoQ: Devops Fools, Tools and other Smart Things

Patrick Debois discusses the role of tools in creating a new devops culture that needs to be build inside organizations around the idea of craftsmanship.

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Enterprise Agility
The agile movement has made enormous strides in the last
decade, greatly improving software delivery and creating more
satisfactory work environments in many organizations. The
next horizon is extending agility from basic software delivery to
continuous delivery and into the business itself, utilizing the
advances in delivering software features early and often into
a transformation of businesses to deliver complete solutions 
early and often. The drivers for this, as we will see, come from a 
growing focus of CEOs on trying to survive and thrive in a world
of growing complexity, complication and fast moving competition.

However, achieving enterprise agility requires a different style
of management—an adaptive leadership style. This paper is
therefore divided into three main topics—describing the need for
enterprise agility; identifying what adaptive leaders need to be
doing (actions); and identifying what being (mindset)an adaptive
leader means

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Good overview of what Agile means at different levels for an organization

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DevOps Toolchain Project - dev2ops - Solving Large Scale Web Operations and DevOps Problems

DevOps Toolchain Project - dev2ops - Solving Large Scale Web Operations and DevOps Problems | DevOps in the Enterprise |

We've been working on a collaborative effort to establish a methodology and toolchain to support the DevOps lifecycle.

This project was originally focused only on automated provisioning. It's original goal was to help make sense of the various open source automation tools that are available. Based on feedback, we are expanding the toolchain project to include the full spectrum of tools needed to support an efficient and agile DevOps lifecycle. The project will also include a public repository of community-contributed design patterns.

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