It’s no longer enough simply to outperform the competition; to thrive in a world of ceaseless and rapid change, business people have to out-imagine the competition as well. They must begin to think-to become-more like designers.

--Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management


Design thinking best describes a specific approach to innovation. It is an approach largely ignored by business professionals, educators, and even many designers. It isn't the exclusive realm of designers but a necessary skill that anyone can and should learn to achieve successful innovation.


- Design thinking starts with empathy.

- Design thinking is multidisciplinary and collaborative. Design thinking applies multiple lenses to a problem. Design thinking synthesises information across multiple disciplines and isn't the realm of a single specialist.

- Design thinking is iterative and visual.


Ideas are powerful things. Good ideas can make an organisation. Bad ideas can break one. Design thinking is the process that provides context for your innovation efforts. Design thinking enables more successful innovation.


"I have always thought design was 98% common sense and 2% aesthetics. It's the same for business except the magic ingredient is vision. Design and business are totally interlinked and one cannot run one without the other."

--Sir Terence Conran

Via Len Netti