Smart. The Importance of Creative Design For Mobile App User Experience | Design Snip-Its |

A discussion of how important creative designs are for the mobile app user experience....


...One of the most effective ways of getting an app to stand out should be obvious, and yet many app developers don’t spend nearly enough time on it: creative design. What an app looks like is the first aspect people notice about it – even before they download it, and certainly before they test it out and see how it functions. That initial visual impression affects the entire user experience and will likely determine the ultimate success of an app.


If you’re doubtful, just look at Apple. Many people don’t realize that, despite now being a leader in the industry, Apple was actually not the first company to provide a mobile operating system or mobile apps. Before iOS, there were the likes of Palm OS, Symbian, Windows CE, and BlackBerry OS. And yet, like with almost everything else, Apple quickly surpassed the competition in the mobile market. In large part, this was because iOS simply looked better.

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