Website Design: 5 Working With Templates Tips - Marty Tips | Design Revolution |

Had fun creating with my friends Eric and Cynthia Garrison's Agile7 template. As I worked I was reminded of a few tips that may help any web designer, and aren't we all web designers now, work with templates including:

* SEO Don't Forget it.
* Adjust YOUR Perspective Not Other Way Around.

* Get Creative and Modify What is THERE.

* Improve Shopping Cart LATER.

* Tables and old HTML are TOUGH.

This last bullet is important. The world is HTML5 and CSS3 and if you don't have CSS skills templates are both a Gift from God and a Curse from the Devil. If, like me, you still can write <tables> don't expect them to look like what you expect because their display is controlled by CSS (style sheets).

I tend to bull forward and do the best I can until a firm understanding of where and how we are making money. Once I understand how the site makes money I can invest intelligently in designers with more talent than me (not hard to find those btw lol).

This post should help anyone know how to work with templates better to design a website or blog and templates are in all of our futures because they are great, getting better and cheap.