5 Gaming Trends to Watch in 2014 For Web Designers | Design Revolution | Scoop.it

Between brand new consoles and blossoming indie development, this is a year to watch the gaming industry.

Marty Note
The longer I do this (Internet marketing) the more I think lines between content don't make much sense. Uber-content curator Maria Popova (http://www.brainpickings.org) agrees. One of my 2014 goals is to learn as much from Maria as possible. 

Another goal is to mine helpful ideas from wherever they arise. Video games is and has been a huge goldmine for web design, Internet marketing and creative ideas and this post on 5 Gaming Trends to Watch In 2014 from @RWW is right on the money.

Particularly important for website designers is emphasis on storytelling and the cloud. Both will change what we Internet marketers do in 2014 in amazing ways. Great post and I promise to continue to "steal" as much from video game creators as possible :). M