The Bride and the Coniunctio: An Archetypal Image of Love and Union | Dr. Jeff Howlin | Depth Psych |

The wedding and specifically the bride just might be one of the grandest of all archetypal images. We commonly associate weddings with the bride and the groom, but I’m going to make a case for the bride alone as a prime archetypal image and symbol for transpersonal love and union–the alchemical phase of the coniunctio.


But before I talk about archetypes, unions and the coniunctio, I feel a need to mention a qualifier. This post is personal for me.  I was married several months ago, and I still retain the feelings and keen memories of the experience and what it felt like to be swept away by love.


While reflecting upon standing at the alter while waiting for and watching the bride walking down the aisle, I realized two things. One was this: ”we” (bride and groom) and “I,” were a part of something much larger. And two: the bride and her image, carried the wedding.  Even the behavior of those attending spoke to this, as people and the ceremony itself pivoted around the bride. And this is how it should be, because the image of the bride is so much more than a woman getting married to a man.


Since this article also talks about the often misunderstood Jungian concept of the archetype, I’m going to use a metaphor by Jung himself ... (click title for more)