Needing The Door To Be There For The Experience To Show Up~Kim Hermanson, PhD | Depth Psychology |
A new client whom I’ll call Alice came to me recently in a desperate financial situation. The work she'd been doing as a book editor had dried up over the past year, and she needed to find some other work quickly. She had decided to apply for a position as Project Manager at a non-profit. Her decision made rational sense--as a book editor she was already doing project management work, and the non-profit happened to be in the same field as the books she had edited. Rationally, it was a good way to transfer her skills and content expertise into a paid position.

The rational mind acts like an efficient computer--it gathers all the facts and information that are in sight, piles them all together, and construes a solution from this information. Our rational minds make “binary” decisions. At a surface level they are logical and make sense. They are also simple--we can explain our reasoning to someone else or program into a computer. Ninety-five percent of career counselors would tell Alice she was making... (Click title to continue reading)