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Rescooped by Felicia Mullison from The MarTech Digest!

Infographic: The Many Faces of a Marketing Team - Brightpod

Infographic: The Many Faces of a Marketing Team - Brightpod | Demand Generation |
Marketing teams are versatile. With so many different people working together on campaigns, marketers have to deal with vastly different planning & collabor

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CYDigital's curator insight, April 19, 2013 12:13 PM
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Rescooped by Felicia Mullison from The MarTech Digest!

A Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies - CMI

A Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies - CMI | Demand Generation |



The Create, Edit, and Manage stage included all of the modern web content management systems (WCMS) and blogging solutions, along with file-sharing technologies such as Dropbox, Box, etc.The Aggregate, Curate, and Optimize stage included classic content optimization, testing, and personalization tools such as Adobe Test & Target, Optimost, and Monetate.The Promote, Converse, and Listen stage included social channels, as well as enterprise listening tools such as Radian6 and Attensity.The Measure, Analyze, and Learn stage included many web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Webtrends, and Adobe SiteCatalyst.


We then took the newer technology solutions, mapped them into the overlap areas, and grouped them as follows:

Content collaboration tools — where Create, Edit, and Manage overlaps with Aggregate, Curate, and Optimize. These tools facilitate content editorial work flow, empower the enterprise to manage teams (either external or internal), and enable collaboration on content for content marketing purposes.Curation and conversation tools — where Aggregate, Curate, and Optimize overlaps with Promote, Converse, and Listen. These tools help to promote, publish, and aggregate content in meaningful ways; in many cases, they also help manage the content optimization process by using social signals, and can even facilitate some level of unified content conversation.Social content analytics tools — where Promote, Converse, and Listen meets Measure, Analyze, and Learn. These tools help to maintain relevance in conversation, while also providing insight into what we should be talking about — from specific niche social channel analytics, to semantic processing of social media conversations.Engagement automation tools — where Measure, Analyze, and Learn comes back around to overlap with Create, Edit, and Manage. Beyond classic marketing automation, many of these tools not only have the ability to manage some form of content, but they can do so from the point of view of helping the marketer “optimize” content for engagement and conversion purposes.


Via CYDigital
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