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Author Criticizes British Muslims for "Deeply Anti-Semitic Views"

Author Criticizes British Muslims for "Deeply Anti-Semitic Views" | Defend Israel |

An author and former editor at the British publication the New Statesman took the bold step of admonishing the Muslim community in his home country for its “Judaeophobia.”

Writing in the New Statesman, Mehdi Hasan addressed a recent controversy surrounding Lord Ahmed, a British Labor party peer and one of the most powerful Muslims in England, saying, “To claim that your jail sentence for dangerous driving is the result of a Jewish plot is bigoted and stupid”

Lord Ahmed was sentenced to jail after hitting and killing a man with his car only moments after having sent text messages while driving. In a later interview he blamed a Jewish conspiracy on his having to serve jail time for the crime.

Hasan pointed out that he has defended Lord Ahmed before and that “He is not a latter-day Goebbels. But herein lies the problem. There are thousands of Lord Ahmeds out there: mild-mannered and well-integrated British Muslims who nevertheless harbour deeply anti-Semitic views.”

“It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace,” Hasan wrote.

He continued: “The truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected members of the British Muslim community, both young and old. No, the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict hasn’t helped matters. But this goes beyond the Middle East.”

Hassan said that complaints from the Muslim community that they were being vilified and discriminated against were “sheer hypocrisy” when taking into account the community’s “rampant anti-Semitism,” adding that “We cannot credibly fight Islamophobia while making excuses for Judaeophobia.”

Hassan wrote that not all Muslims were anti-Semites, but that as a community there is a “Jewish problem,” concluding that “The time has come for us to own up to a rather shameful fact: Muslims are not only the victims of racial and religious prejudice but purveyors of it, too.”

Community Security Trust (CST), a charity tasked with protecting the British Jewish community, released a report earlier this year that showed anti-Semitism was on the rise in England.

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New intifada on campuses abroad

New intifada on campuses abroad | Defend Israel |
Opinion: Op-ed: Anti-Israel activists on US campuses found that attacking Zionism more effective than burning flags (New intifada on campuses abroad via @AliAbunimah of all...

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Israeli researchers warn of sudden upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide in 2012 -Not surprising

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israeli researchers warned Sunday of a sudden upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks, topped by a deadly school shooting in France, noting a link to the rise of extremist parties in Europe.

The warnings emerge from an annual report on anti-Semitism in the world, released on the eve of Israel's memorial day for the 6 million Jews killed by German Nazis and their collaborators in World War II.

The report noted a 30 percent jump in anti-Semitic violence and vandalism last year, after a two-year decline. It was issued at Tel Aviv University, in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, an umbrella group representing Jewish communities across Europe.

The report recorded 686 attacks in 34 countries, ranging from physical violence to vandalism of synagogues and cemeteries, compared to 526 in 2011. It said 273 of the attacks last year, or 40 percent, involved violence against people.

The report linked the March, 2012 shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, where an extremist Muslim gunman killed four people, to a series of attacks that followed — particularly in France, where physical assaults on Jews almost doubled.

The report by the university's Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry found little correlation between the increase of anti-Semitic attacks and Israel's military operation in Gaza in November. While there was a spike in incidents at the time, it was much smaller in number and intensity than the one that followed the Toulouse school attack, said Roni Stauber, the chief researcher on the project.

"This shows that the desire to harm Jews is deeply rooted among extremist Muslims and right-wingers, regardless of events in the Middle East," he said. An Israeli offensive in Gaza four years earlier led to a significant spike in attacks against Jews in Europe.

This year, researchers pointed to a correlation between the strengthening of extreme right-wing parties in some European countries and high levels of anti-Semitic incidents, as well as attacks on other minorities and immigrants.

They said Europe's economic crisis was fueling the rise of extremist parties like Jobbik in Hungary, Golden Dawn in Greece and Svoboda in Ukraine.

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, called for strong action by the European Union, charging that governments — particularly in Hungary — were not doing enough to curb these parties' activities and protect minorities.

"Neo-Nazis have been once again legalized in Europe. They are openly sitting in parliaments," Kantor complained.

Kantor, a Russian-Swiss businessman, said the EU should even consider expelling Hungary and Greece. "If they do not protect their own population against neo-Nazism, with all the lessons Europe had already, maybe there is no place for them in the European Union," he told The Associated Press after the presentation of the report.

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littlebytesnews's curator insight, April 8, 2013 12:34 AM

What can you expect when the US super power is led by an anti-semite who emboldened terrorists and anti-semites around the world.

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Time to drum this bigot out of the Lords

Time to drum this bigot out of the Lords | Defend Israel |

HAVING reached the bigotry sanctuary of Pakistan, leading Labour peer Lord Ahmed delivers himself of a rant as nasty as it was unhinged.


His TV interview was given last April but has just come to light. It was a long rant against Jews in general and British ones in particular. He blamed them for his brief time in jail in 2009.

He was actually sentenced to 12 weeks after driving like a maniac down the M1, texting with one hand, until he hit a stationary car and killed the man inside. To make the accusation even more stupid the judge was gentile.

Nothing new about anti-Semitism but one wonders what would happen to a racist who savaged Muslims like that.

Lord Ahmed blamed Jews for his brief time in jail in 2009.

Certainly he’d be out of any British political party on a shovel and probably the House of Lords as well. I’m afraid it once again goes to show the nature of some of the rubbish that has entered the Upper House over the past 20 years.

By the by, they are thinking of getting rid of centuries-old woolsacks... to make more space as there are too many of them. There is another way.

As the College of Cardinals has inflicted on itself an age-cap of 80, the Lords could do the same. I suspect 100 would be affected by losing the vote, making plenty of space in the chamber. Have another cull of jailbirds and non-attenders and we could have an excellent Upper House retaining only the best of the best.

It doesn’t need more primary legislation to achieve this, the Lords could do it if they wanted to. They have the right.


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Op-Ed: To the 100 Signers : Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism - Arutz Sheva

ABC News
Op-Ed: To the 100 Signers : Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism
Arutz Sheva
And if it's not Anti-Semitism, how else can one explain the Teachers Union of Ireland calling Israel an "apartheid state”?
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