The Adventures of Library Girl: How To Survive The Zombie Librarian Apocalypse Tip #2: Keep Learning! | De Informatieprofessional |
Jump start your professional learning AND kill some zombies along the way! #win #tlchat #edchat #edtech #nced


" are a few ways to jump start your professional learning :

1. Focus on the LEARNING not on the credit

2. Learn to love the hashtag

3. Join professional organizations

4. Think outside the box

5. Make time for learning

6. Follow your passions

7. Rethink failure

8. Take it from theory to practice

9. Share. Share. Share



"As Zombie Fighters we can't be afraid to have honest conversations with our colleagues who are stuck.  Like my friend and colleague Jennifer Northrup said in a recent post on her blog, there's no need to be confrontational or to go on the attack.  However, we can't be passive either and hope that Zombie Librarians will simply be inspired by our stellar examples." 

Via Karen du Toit