Open data journalism: creating engaging stories... | David Birkedal |

Data is everywhere: from governments publishing billions of bytes of the stuff, to visual artists creating new concepts of the world through to companies building businesses on the back of it.

At the same time, journalism has undergone a transformation; it's not that long ago that the only way to get a story published by a major news organisation involved years of training and interning and generally slaving away until you get noticed and published.

These are the days of open journalism, reporters who can use the power of the web can produce stronger, better stories. Open journalism involves the person reading and commenting on the story as much as the original reporter, and with the power to shape and influence the news they see in front of them.

But how does that connect to data journalism? These are two segments of the same pie chart - and for data journalism to develop beyond just being the latest fad, it has to engage and involve the people reading the news as well as creating it...

Via Lauren Moss