Dating in the social media age
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How TO IMPRESS her on your first Date

How TO IMPRESS her on your first Date | Dating in the social media age |
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How to Impress Her on your First Date

After all the time you invested on chatting together, she now agreed to meet-up. Perhaps a dinner or a movie night would be great. However, it is natural that you feel somehow pressured, but just think positive that everything will go well. This is it, man! Do not let her down with her expectations on you. Follow these tips for a date she will always be looking forward again.

Put perfume
This does not mean like you were soaked in it or spilled half of it on your suit. Put an ample amount especially on pressure points and you’re good to go. Make sure that the moment you get close to her, you can satisfy her sense of smell. That’s a good reason to make her imagine more kissing and cuddling in the future. 

Don’t be late
Okay, it is understandable if you’re from office and went straight rushing to the meeting place. Though there are other concerns or casualties happened about work or while on the way, show her that she is a priority and not like just an option to be included in your schedule. 

Don’t be too formal
(Especially when it comes to clothes and conversation) Arriving on your date night wearing coat and tie is reasonable enough when you came from work or a business trip. But being too formal sometimes intimidates, or worse, bores women. It’s a nice thing that she enjoys your company while not having to worry with scripted lines. Talk casual. 

Walk/take her home
An act of a gentleman which every woman likes. The time and attention a man gives show that she is special and valuable.However, if she refuses, you can still offer to accompany her to the bus stop or terminal. It would be always courteous to ask her.

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Dating Tips

Dating Tips | Dating in the social media age |
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How to be a Bestfriend to your Future Partner

Proverbs 17:17 in the Bible states that “A friend loves at all times.” Having a romantic relationship does not mean friendship is not around. One of the major reasons why people bind together is because they are happy with each other. Guys and gals, the key to know more about a person is by being a friend first. Now let us enumerate what are the unconscious yet remarkable ways to get close to someone you like.

Pay attention to little things
It’s not always the big gifts and surprises that matter, but more often than usual, it’s about how you appreciate him/her. It’s like how she bats her eyelashes many times when she says sorry, or maybe how he jitters when he missed your call, or maybe the effort when s/he surprises you with a wacky keychain of your favorite color just because you’ll find it funny and cute.

Remember his/her birthday
A personal message for a special day means a lot. The person will feel that s/he is worth remembering and that s/he somehow matters to you. 

Greet him/her good morning and tell good night
This simple greeting when s/he sees your message on mobile or chat can easily make him/her smile - just the right motivation for a busy day ahead!

Compromise to his/her likes 
Say, you go out and head to the movies and she likes Nicholas Parks’ film. What to do? Compromise. There’s a basketball or baseball game date anyway. Give and take.

Keep your promises
Relationship is an agreement of two people. Not only agreement because it will soon include promises and vows. Remember these and do it. It is very disappointing to feel that the one who gives you the uncomfortable hard feelings is the one you love and the one who is closest to you, who knows every raise of the eyebrow and every smirk you do.

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