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Answering your questions about the new Facebook design before you even have them.

With the introduction of the timeline, Facebook users can now easily scroll back to previous years and see what they were saying and what they were doing.

Some will be a bit terrified to see posts from the early days of Facebook, when college students shared way too much.

Our privacy settings on old posts will remain. A post shared four years ago that was set to be viewable to just friends will continue to be viewable to just friends. The concern here is thta your "friends" might be your "co-workers" now. 

Facebook has built a very helpful new page called the Activity Log, which can be accessed from a profile page, that shows every single piece of content Facebook has from a user. Each item can be deleted or tweaked from this page.

For your eyes only. If there is a post in your Timeline that you don't want to zap completely from Facebook, but don't want anyone to see, you can change the post's visibility to "Only Me."

There's no sense in holding out. Facebook Timeline will eventually go live for everyone on Facebook, whether or not the user has taken the time to prune and optimize the Timeline view. It's best to be proactive and make sure what people will see is what should be seen.

My comment: I think that privacy is important while sharing is a "must" nowadays, promoted by most working networks. I guess some will feel betrayed, as it's like a contract we have no choice to sign or turn down. Anyway, I'm sure we will all be more careful with what we publish. But I wonder, maybe because I'm not tech expert, why  Mark decided to introduce this timeline. What pushed him to do it? Any possible answers, please share ... but be careful!