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A few tips to help brands:

Use data to personalize the entire brand experience. Leverage customer data for more than just advertising. Allow customers to create personalized defaults to shape their ongoing interactions with you. Customize your website — content, UI, microsites — for different consumers. By allowing consumers to customize their own experience, they become partners in the personalization, rather than passive recipients.With Big Data comes big responsibility. Just because you have information, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Know your boundaries and use common sense. With prospects, don’t become overly familiar, or you’re just a stalker. Marketers need to use their own empathy and judgment. Remember your human side when you’re at the wheel of the big-data machine.Help data work for customers, not against them. Think about new ways to use data — to serve customers, rather than yourself. Show them how their behavior compares to others, or provide tools for tracking, analyzing, and even exporting their transaction history. Be transparent and let consumers have some control over their data, and they might just share even more.



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