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Rescooped by Marjorie Grassler from visual data!

6 Ways Data Journalism is Making Sense of the World

6 Ways Data Journalism is Making Sense of the World | Data Journalism - |

When I wrote that Radar was investigating data journalism and asked for your favorite examples of good work, we heard back from around the world.

I received emails from Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Canada and Italy that featured data visualization, explored the role of data in government accountability, and shared how open data can revolutionize environmental reporting...


It was instructive to learn more about the work of two large media organizations, the Los Angeles Times and Canada’s Global News, which have been building their capacity to practice data journalism. The other international perspectives in my inbox and tweet stream, however, were a reminder that big-city newsrooms that can afford teams of programmers and designers aren’t the only players here.acts of data journalism by small teams or individuals aren’t just plausible, they’re happening — from Italy to Brazil to Africa.


That doesn’t mean that the news application teams at NPR, The Guardian, ProPublica or the New York Times aren’t setting the pace for data journalism when it comes to cutting edge work — far from it — but the tools and techniques to make something worthwhile are being democratized.

That’s possible in no small part because of the trend toward open source tools and social coding I’m seeing online, from Open Street Map to more open elections...

Via Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss's curator insight, December 22, 2012 7:41 PM

An interesting overall look at the state of data journalism on varying scales, as explored through the examination of case studies, resources and applications.

Of particular interest is the role of open data in generating content, and how that may affect the future of data visualization.

Still, the numerous online links provided within the article offer a substantial number of references on a broad range of topics that pertain to data journalism and visualization.

Lise Benkemoun's curator insight, October 28, 2014 5:30 AM

en France aussi ça bouge ! 

Rescooped by Marjorie Grassler from visual data!

Open data journalism: creating engaging stories...

Open data journalism: creating engaging stories... | Data Journalism - |

Data is everywhere: from governments publishing billions of bytes of the stuff, to visual artists creating new concepts of the world through to companies building businesses on the back of it.

At the same time, journalism has undergone a transformation; it's not that long ago that the only way to get a story published by a major news organisation involved years of training and interning and generally slaving away until you get noticed and published.

These are the days of open journalism, reporters who can use the power of the web can produce stronger, better stories. Open journalism involves the person reading and commenting on the story as much as the original reporter, and with the power to shape and influence the news they see in front of them.

But how does that connect to data journalism? These are two segments of the same pie chart - and for data journalism to develop beyond just being the latest fad, it has to engage and involve the people reading the news as well as creating it...

Via Lauren Moss
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