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1. "Scuba diving is an adventure sport. One needs to have the courage of diving deep into the unexplored waters to enjoy the real pleasure of scuba diving. A range of safety tips need to be followed in order to enjoy the dive and ..."


2. The writer gives much information concerning the correct way to scuba dive. For example, the author says that "venturing down under can be life threatening in case one suffers some stroke or complicated medical condition." Most of the writer's info are tips to keep the diver safe.


3. The writer believes that if you follow certain procedures while scuba diving, you can have a very enjoyable and memorable experience.


4. For the most part the author does. He states that "being safe is in one’s own hands. Scuba diving is an excellent water sport. Follow the rules and be safe!"


6. I learned that there are many procedures to follow while scuba diving. Some are always having a partner, breath normal, and always check your gear!


7. This article was written for someone who is new to scuba diving and would like to learn more concerning safety precautions.


8. I think the author does. Though the information isn't exactly factual, it still persuaded me because the writer makes it sound important.


Part B


2. One rhetorical method the writer used that truely stuck out to me was cause and effect. This method was used numerous amounts of times within the article. For example, the writer states that if you don't put on sunscreen, it "can lead to sunburns that can cause serious consequences later." Nearly all of the author's paragraphs contain cause and effect such as this. I thought this type of writing is very effective. It allows the reader to see possible consequences. It also allows the reader the opportunity to prevent these consequences from happening.