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Isn’t that what we have always been told? We probably first looked at dandelions the same way and didn’t even realize that they are one of the most powerful healing herbal plants that our bodies can benefit from in a very healthy, natural way. Unlike MEDICATIONS that can have SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS– such as trying to ease the pain of a sciatica in the body, but instead, raising heart palpitations to the extent of a slight heart attack sending my Grandma to the HOSPITAL for a week which ALMOST KILLED HER or medications that caused SEVERE KNEE PAIN just to lower cholesterol levels. I know firsthand from witnessing my Dad playing that game with his legs and he was amazed that the pain left his knees once he got off the PRESCRIBED DRUG. So, realize that alternatives are out there.PLEASE!


Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelions are rich in nutrients and have healing properties which can be consumed by drinking dandelion tea. To start off, let us look at the nutrients of the plant. The dandelions’ leaves and roots are very nutrient rich and very generously provide our bodies with: vitamins A, C, D, and B complex. It is also fortified with asparagines, boron, calcium, and choline (which helps improve memory); copper, glycosides, insulin, iron, laevulin and lecithin (which helps the brain and liver), lutein, manganese, magnesium, pectin, and phytosterols (which is a cholesterol preventative), potash (which is a diuretic), potassium, silicon sterols, and zinc. Since our bodies crave all these vitamins and minerals, I always feel that I don’t have to spend all that money on different vitamins or waste all my time popping open each bottle or remembering to take them all or at certain times since I can easily drink my dandelion tea and be set for a great day.


Drinking dandelion tea:


Drinking dandelion tea is very valuable since it contains many health benefits that our bodies can heal from and tastes pretty good, especially if you add different forms of sugar such as the natural cane turbinado sugar that I use or your local or store bought honey. Some of the healing benefits that you don’t want to miss out on are that dandelion tea:

Aides in eye sight and night vision by absorbing the essential A and B vitamins

Is a key natural diuretic by helping rid your body of built-up water retention and helps cleanse your kidneys of nasty toxins. The removal of water also aides in stabilizing blood

pressure. It helps reduce that awful bloated look and feel too.


Helps you lose weight by triggering bile production that promotes an increase in digestion (e.g., digesting fat) and once again, removing more toxins out of the body.

Can help support a more healthier approach to weight loss. Even pregnant and breastfeeding mothers will be happy to know that they can use this safe approach.

Stimulates detoxification by encouraging urination and also replaces potassium lost during the cycle.


Helps aide the liver, kidney, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach functioning in a highly productive manner.

Is a healing purifier of the blood and acts as a cleansing agent in the body’s system.

Helps reduce eczema, boils, and breast tumors.

Drinking dandelion tea also benefits certain conditions:

Helps treat liver disorders such as hepatitis and jaundice.

Promotes healthy digestion by relieving annoying constipation and diarrhea disorders.

Reduces inflammation of the gall bladder and bile duct, as well as, reduces arthritis and rheumatism.


Helps heal gout by decreasing the uric acid build-up, resulting in increased comfort and decreased pain.

The tea has a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and iron (which helps reduce anemia).

It also favors Type -1 and Type-2 diabetes sufferers by contributing towards a more healthy maintenance plan.

It also helps eliminate high cholesterol and lowers your blood pressure.The tea is enriched with healing antioxidants which allow your body’s defenses to fight off toxic bacteria and viruses such as pneumonia and bronchitis.


Dandelion tea has been around for a thousand years or so and was consumed as a food and for medicinal purposes, thereby curing many aliments. The Chinese highly favor this dandelion since it has helped treat digestive disorders, certain breast issues, as well as appendicitis. A variety of Indian tribes also learned the value of the dandelion’s properties from the American settlers and used the boiled dandelion leaves to help break down fatty meats. The Iroquois tribe benefited from that process. If you lived alongside the Mohegans, then you would minimize stomach aches or constipation by drinking the healing dandelion leaf tea daily. They also acquired high levels of energy from this tea. Heartburn was gladly cured with drinking dandelion root tea by the Ojibwas tribe and relief was given to the Kiowa women who luckily discovered that it could be used for cramps and PMS by combining the blossoms with pennyroyal.