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The best place to see every side of an issue and compare viewpoints with others.


LOL -- I really had to think twice about adding this site into the content here yet it really does connect with business storytelling.  But in reverse!


Sometimes we do need data for our stories.  Or sometimes we are dealing with a sensative topic and need a few opinions to add to the story we are sharing.


Well, now here's a tool to help you do that.  But it does have its limitations!  TwoSides basically allows you to find controversial topics and see people's opinions about them.  Or field a topic of your own and see how people react.


I signed up (it's free) and played around while.  I chose to check in on "If you can have one superpower, which would you chose?"  13 people had chimed in so far, with teleportation being the most popular choice (20%).  What a hoot.  I can definitely build a story around that!  


"I was running late to a business appointment the other day and wishing to high heaven that I my superpower for teleporting would kick in. Did you know that teleporting is the superpower most desired according to a quick survey I did online?  Yep -- sure is.  Well, I might not be able to physically teleport from my office to my client meeting in nanoseconds, but when I was listening to their stories and sharing my business stories in return, I knew for certain we had just teleported ourselves into a shared storyworld. A storyworld where [the following happened] ..." 


Danger, danger Will Robinson (for those who remember the old TV show Lost In Space) -- there's nothing scientific about this site really.  Sample sizes could be small and very skewed so I'm not really sure how good a research tool it is. Their claims that data or opinions or debates persuade people is suspect.


But if you need to pepper your stories with the thoughts, opinions and the occasional goofy comment, then this tool is for you.


Thank you Robin Good @RobinGood for pointing me to this interesting site!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz