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If you're not 100 percent satisfied for any reason send it back and we'll refund your entire purchase price fast but you can still get it done because we'll let you keep out the car you to burn the fat 10 total body circuit plus the variable resistance band to scope your body has our gifts just for trying t25 by whose kidding you're not sending this back because t25 doesn't just work it works fast you will absolutely love this program in fact you wonder why no one bought abet sooner so stick with t25 mail your workouts and get ridiculous results like these then send us your before and after photos and we'll send you this free T-shirts do 150 short you got no you work out the first two hours at the gym for 25 minutes you decide t25 is not available in stores and never will be so call now and get it done for just three payments$39.95 by the time you get dressed up for the gym drive to the gym checked in at the gym say hello to friends message imp did I imagine I was one of those guys that are working over 25 minutes was something that my girlfriend would you to tone up for the beach by I mean thesis the real deal before I get the gym for an hour half but because the ball the resting because of all the trips to the drinking fountain because if the intensity level being so much lower.