Destruction of Cyclones and Prevention
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Rescooped by Sasha Kotanko from CYCLONE TRACY!!

Cyclone Tracy Newsreel [1974]

Original newsreel of the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin on Christmas 1974. 34 years later, these images are still as horrifying as ever.

Via Kirstie Bullock
Sasha Kotanko's insight:

This video is obviously of age and depicts the way society would have viewed the cyclone and its devastation within the current time of its happening (1974). Watch and analyse the reactions of those effected and the kind of strategies used at the time of Cyclone Tracy in preparation (if any) and the aftermath.


Kirstie Bullock's comment, September 25, 2013 11:38 PM
A fantastic video that shows many photos of the horrific aftermath of the Cyclone. Is has a newsreader talking in the background discussing what had happened and the damages that have been done for Darwin.
Scooped by Sasha Kotanko!

Cyclone Season in the Top End | Our Naked Australia

Cyclone Season in the Top End | Our Naked Australia | Destruction of Cyclones and Prevention |
Cyclone Tracy formed in the morning of the 21st of December 1974 in the Arafura Sea, about 700km north-east of Darwin. Tracy headed south-west, cleared the western tip of Bathurst Island and then turned south-east to ...
Sasha Kotanko's insight:

.  Read the article and:

1.  Discuss the impacts of a cyclone and strategies  within 1974 compared to cyclone occurrences now in paragraph form and;

2. What strategies would be beneficial in lowering the effects of a cyclone (100 words).

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