1) The basic topic is a teen in Kentucky kills herself over bullying so people start a movement against bullying.

2)The writer gives that a young lady kills herself because she was bisexual and it starts a movement to have a cause on bulling.

 3) You cant tell the authors opinion because he is giving you fact after fact.

4)No, You cant tell exactly what the author is thinking about the problem.

5)The writer gives pure fact but words it in a way to play with your emotions and make you feel enraged at what has happened.

6) The only thing you can really tell is that he has a storong opinion on the matter, whether it is hatred or love you cannot tell a difference.

7) This article was written for anyone who could change the worlds view on bullying and open their eyes to a whole new world of torture.

8)Yes, because in my moral beliefs, by bullying they took this girls life. God's life. Bullying needs to be stopped because it is wrong for them to take a life that isnt theirs to take.