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We’ve come up with a few tips you can pass along to your sales counterparts.

-- >  Know who your target buyer is, really – Even if you think you know who your target audience is, take a moment to think about key job titles, what pains you can solve, what does your prospect’s everyday life look like?

-- >  Know where they are looking for information – Are you taking advantage of those new social channels?  Many buyers today are asking their peers for advice on products and services.  If you aren’t listening and engage in their online conversations, you are missing an opportunity to learn where they are in the buying cycle and help educate them.

-- >  Develop the content that will attract their attention – Work with your marketing department to come up with educational and engaging content that will help you deliver an effecting messaging without ever telling them they need your product or service.

-- >  Start thinking in real time – Once you’ve established your online presence you can start pointing people to your blog or website content and be a part of the conversations as they happen.



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