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Customer Engagement
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Customer Experience Management – It's Not All Snake Oil - Light Reading

Customer Experience Management – It's Not All Snake Oil - Light Reading | Customer Engagement |
Customer Experience Management – It's Not All Snake Oil Light Reading It is therefore not surprising that customer experience management (CEM), with its promise of greater customer loyalty, increased revenues and improved operational efficiency, is...
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Moving from Customer Journeys to Customer Engagement

Moving from Customer Journeys to Customer Engagement | Customer Engagement |

I'm sure we are all familiar with customer journey maps or experience maps. It is a great tool to visually map out the different touch-points a customer experiences when he engages a service or pr...

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Solar Panels San Diego

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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) - Chief Marketing Technologist

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) - Chief Marketing Technologist | Customer Engagement |
The short version: the above graphic is the latest incarnation of my marketing technology landscape supergraphic (click for a high-resolution 2600×1950 version, 4.7MB).

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Les comparto el mapa "acualizadísimo" del Marketing Digital para este 2014. Recomiendo revisarlo pues genera varias ideas de servicios digitales que podemos utilizar.

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All the actors and providers of new marketing technology

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Now that's a lot of marketing technology. Like @CYDigital, hopefully will have the time to dig deeper into this over the next few days, and looking forward to finding some awesome new tools and tech.

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IBM C-suite study

IBM C-suite study | Customer Engagement |
C-suite Study Introduction
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How are you activating your customers? @366Degrees

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Eye-popping Social Media Stats for Healthcare Marketing

Eye-popping Social Media Stats for Healthcare Marketing | Customer Engagement |

When it comes to healthcare marketing, getting found online is a key goal, and social media is a powerful force. Why? Simply, that’s where the people are. 

Your patients are probably looking at their social networks right now, and health topics are a key attraction. Just look at the Affordable Care Act. No matter what side of the argument you’re on, opinions abound through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. People are not just comfortable using social media to think about health, they’ve made it a daily habit.

As PWC noted in 2012, “social media ‘likes’ healthcare” in general; a survey of more the 1,000 consumers showed that 24 percent shared health experiences, 27 percent comment about others’ health experiences, and 16 percent post their impressions of treatments, medications, doctors or health insurers.

Get social, get known

Marketers in general embrace social media for the many benefits it provides in terms of SEO and networking. Healthcare marketing is likewise poised to make the most of this Internet interest. Of course, using social networks to discuss health carries a large amount of responsibility, not the least of which is HIPAA-style regard to patient privacy. In more than one instance, healthcare workers have been disciplined or fired for revealing facts about patients or procedures through social networks.

But if your healthcare marketing is still tied to outbound approaches – that is, relying on declining media like Yellow Pages, broadcast and display ads – you could be missing out on a valuable way to communicate with current and prospective patients who now spend most of their time online looking for information, not ads. Your website is a start, but you must give people a reason to visit it.

“Like us on Facebook”

How often have you encountered that plea from any number of different businesses or organizations? But the question to ask yourself is: “Why should I like you?” Giving your audience value, not a sales pitch, drives social engagement. The tactics you use on Facebook and other networks contribute to how your patients will discover, read, share and comment on your content. Look at the Facebook homepage for Seattle Children’s Hospital, for example. Its banner art is so warm and inviting, you cannot resist staying on this page. When you scroll down, you’ll find advice, local updates, an event calendar and a whopping 82,000+ “likes” that give you confidence in the hospital’s credibility. Detroit-based Henry Ford Hospital used Twitter to give people what they’d never seen before: live tweets of surgical procedures. “The unintended consequence was that the institution's reputation was enhanced,” noted Bloomberg Businessweek. “More patients wanted to have their delicate surgeries performed there, and more doctors suddenly wanted to work there.”

“Listen, listen, listen”

Stacy Poliseo, the social media guru for Johns Hopkins Hospital, has helped her institution gain great new audience attention through a Facebook page dedicated to the construction of two new medical buildings. You could go to the page to take a video tour, take a quiz about the buildings, and find a countdown clock to the opening day. The page, Poliseo told Social Media Today, drove more than 20 percent of new Facebook “likes” as people came to care about the construction of “their” new medical buildings.

For social media in healthcare marketing, Poliseo’s main advice is “listen, listen, listen and then test and retest. …Listen to your audience and then try different things and test them. Number of posts, content format, and so forth. And this is not a static project. It is always changing and you have to change with it.”


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