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Roles of color in your website design | YourDesignPick

Never be misguided by the fact that color is only confined to grabbing more eyeballs. In reality it does a lot more than that. It can be a deciding factor why your visitors would either love or loathe your website. Your color combination can make your website a winner among others. Have you ever wondered why a website chooses a particular color? Is it just a coincidence or a deliberate step to pick a specific color for the website? Color states a lot about your website and should be selected after proper analysis. Understanding the psychology of color is very good for marketing of your website. Right color psychology can help you to increase conversion rate of your website. Given below are the reasons why color combination on your website can help in increasing conversions. Follow these tips and create a website which can convert maximum leads into customers. 1. Gender You should keep in mind that the color you are selecting has a significant role to play with the market you are targeting. Since more than 35% of women like blue and men too prefer it, you will find it to be a dominant color in many websites. Depending on the gender you are targeting and their inclination towards a color, color psychology should be chosen. There is no point in designing a website targeting women and using earthy tones which they hate. Select your color after analyzing the target audience who will be your customers. 2. Signal Each color has a different feeling and sends a different signal to the viewer. For instance, blue stands for trust and transparency while black stands for sophistication. Green symbolizes nature and creativity, this is the reason most of the sites use it for their call to action button. Make sure that your users get a positivity with the color you are using. Your visitors will find your website both interesting and engaging if they will get the color according to their preference. Your color psychology should aim at winning the heart and soul of your visitors through colors. 3. Target Market The target audience demography and gender should be a deciding factor for your color psychology. Websites which are into the business of catering to the needs of women should use color which attracts them. Luxury goods selling website should use black as it symbolizes royalty and sophistication. Websites targeting the younger generation should use light and funky colors to draw their attention. Green can be used for websites who are into selling natural and healthy products. Select a color that goes well with the products you are dealing and also the market you are targeting. 4. Product As mentioned above, the color of your website should be selected on the basis of products you are dealing into. Blue can be used for products which deals with the trust factor of the customers. Banking products can be displayed in blue to win trust of customers. Baby products selling website should use joyous and happy color like orange. If you are targeting young generation, go for funky colors as it would attract them more. Ecommerce websites use orange color to draw attention of the visitors towards discounts and offers. 5. Color-Combination If you will choose the right color-combination for website, there is every possibility that your conversion rate will increase. Do not use loud and flashy colors as beside ruining the look of your website, it also confuses your visitors. Make sure to choose some basic and primary colors which will form the crux of your website design. The combination which you will go for should be soothing and eye-catching for your audience. If you want to increase your conversion rate, it is very important to go for the best color combination while designing your website.
yourdesignpick's insight:
Color psychology is basically a science about how colors impact the human behavior. Color psychology is a part of behavioral psychology. Researches state that colors play a vital role in everyone’s life and colors tend to be very effective when it come to human brain. So why not to take most out of this color psychology by desigining website as per the colors that suits your website's motto & visitors. YourDesignPick is designing website with thier latest color combination choosen by highly experienced designers.
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Characteristic of an effective postcard design

An effective and beautifully designed postcard can bring you thousand prospects if given to the right receiver. The design of the postcard is very important to attract and engage the client. Either your postcard can end up being a trash or it can bring the relevant effect depending on its design. The designing of a postcard is the most important factor which decides its fate. It can either give you many clients or it can reduce to being ineffective producing no relevant results.
There are many elements which goes into making an effective and beautiful design of a postcard. Listed below are the ten most important factors of designing a postcard. Implement them properly and help your postcard bring the relevant changes in your business. 1. A Specific and well-written headline 
Your postcard should have a proper, clear and well-defined central message. Have a bold and clear headline which is distinct from the text of your postcard. Your headline should be engaging enough to make your recipient read your postcard further. It should give an idea to the receiver about what you are selling to them.
 2. Proper use of Graphics 
The graphics and design which you are using should be easy for the receiver to understand. Try to use graphics and design which goes well with your product. You should remember that using a graphic will reinforce the message that you want to convey. Go for proper use of graphics with a professional design to get the best results.
 3. Right Color-Combination 
 Make sure that you use a different color for text and headline so that they can be properly distinguished. Use a color which is not too flashy and goes well with the background color. Try not to mix colors and show individuality in the colors you have chosen. Colors can add or ruin the look of your postcard so better pay attention while choosing it.
 4. Proper Synchronization 
Use content which goes in proper sequence for your readers. Try to avoid abrupt and sudden bump in the language and sequence of your postcard. Your readers should find your text in tune with what you are offering. If you will not go according to a set pattern, your receiver will find it uneasy and complex to get the idea of your postcard. 
 5. Showcase your Product's Benefits Instead of stating your product's features, try to project your product's benefits in a better way. Your recipients will be in a better position to identify with your brand if you will present your product advantages. Do not assume that your receiver will understand about the benefits on their own, specify them properly in the postcard.
 6. Project your Offer well If you are highlighting a particular offer, do so well. Use correct language to create an eagerness and willingness in the minds of the clients to go for the proposed offer. Use sentences like “Call Now”, “Limited Supply”, etc to attract your customers. There is no reason to give an offer and not to showcase it properly to your clients. 
 7. Your Company's Brand Your postcard is a medium of interacting with your clients. It should be the face of your company bearing the company's logo and other details. It gives an authenticity to your receiver that they Are dealing with a reliable company. It helps you build trust and faith within your clients. Your customers are more inclined towards knowing what you can do for them so give them what they want.
 8. Integrate Call to action. Proper call to action(CTA) should be used in your postcard to instigate your customers to buy the products. CTA should be integrated in your postcard to help your customers come to a decision quickly. Call to action helps in triggering the buying decision of your customers.
 9. Include all the relevant Contact information. Your postcard should include all the necessary details of your company. All the important information which will help your customers track you, like name, contact number & email id should be there. Your customers should get everything at hand which is required to contact you. 10. Return address, if they want to return Do not forget to include a return address in your postcard. Your customers will take you more seriously if they will find a return address as it makes you reliable for them. It depicts your professionalism and ensures your customers that they are dealing with a real company. YourDesignPick, one of the best web and graphic designing company, offers thousands of unique postcard design, poster design, social media design, corporate logos, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design & much more in 30+ categories at 100% free customization. You should remember that the role of graphic designing is increasing at a rapid pace and you have to be on your toe to catch it up.
yourdesignpick's insight:
There are various elements which comes in making of an effective and attractive design of a postcard. The design of the postcard is very important to attract and engage the client. Headline of postcard should be bold, clear, attractive and distinct from the other text of postcard. Graphics and design both compliment each other so proper selection of graphics as per design should be made. Proper combination of colours should be use in writing headline and other text in postcard. There are various factors that play a major role in effective design of postcard which you will come to know after going through this presentation
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Importance of logo design in Corporate world

There is a saying which states that people form opinion about a company within the very first few seconds. Now, you must be wondering that what could be that one thing which will have a lasting impression on the mind of the people. Without much adieu, presenting to you, your very own business logo. It forms a vital step in brand promotion of your business as it forms the first impression of your company. From Nike's "swoosh" symbol to Starbuck's twin-tailed mermaid or siren, even the world's largest companies take great care of their logos.


Since the logo forms such an integral part of your company, you have to be extra careful regarding its design. Your company's logo design is going to be present in the mind of customers even long after they have actually seen it. YourDesignPick offers you some of the best and most acclaimed logo design in the market. It has a blend of industry's best technology and features to give you the most accomplished logo design. The business owners should understand that a great logo design is much more than displaying your company's name in an appealing font. YourDesignPick has a practice of spending quality time in researching and choosing a logo design for your company. A complete logo design which will instill an impression in the minds of the customer about your company.


A powerful and significant logo design should be strong and balanced in every aspect. The logo design should never distract from its ability of delivering the message of the company. The following are a few salient features which should be present in a well designed logo. YourDesignPick has made deliberate efforts to work on these features and come up with powerful logo design for your company. Some of the features are:


1. It should be distinct in nature so that it is always easy to spot it.


2. The images and visuals should go according to the company's nature.


3. Your logo design should go well with your company name.


4. The font selected should be easy and clean to read.


5. Your logo design should look great both on a black & white and color background.


Apart from the above mentioned features which contribute towards a well designed logo, color selection is also very important. The right color combination for your logo design can affect the trust, desire and willingness of your business. For instance natural health companies usually go for green color to show their vibrant and earthy connection. Go for a logo design which is created by a professional logo designer. YourDesignPick understands the various important factors that goes into making a powerful logo design. With a well designed logo, your brand will be promoted as you will remembered by your existing and potential customers. With your brand promotion, customer's confidence will be built and they will choose you over your competitors. YourDesignPick, one of the best web and graphic designing company, offers thousands of unique corporate logo design, poster designs, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design & much more in 30+ categories.





yourdesignpick's insight:

Logo's are intended to be face of the company. It is almost impossible to build your brand without logo design. Your logo design should be unique that helps in promotion of your brand. YourDesignPick delivers you custom logo design, poster design, business card design and web design that suits your business at a reasonable price.

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Brochure- Your most important Marketing tool

With the advent of Internet, and the same taking almost everything under it's cover, does your business need brochure? With the Internet taking the place of printed media, does your company still has reasons to rely on brochure? Well, the answer is a big YES!


A well designed and circulated brochure can be used as a part of business or product production. Although we are now living in a world which is dominated by e-commerce and Internet tools, the human touch and feel is still an important aspect. Fortunately, human beings are still not losing that human factor. So when it comes to your business, it's not a wise decision to sideline the importance of offline marketing tools. Even the e-commerce companies, rely on the offline strategies for marketing. Being a business house you need to mark your presence through offline toll as well. And when it comes to offline marketing tools, business brochure has an edge over the others. Here are some of the reasons why they are important offline marketing tool:


Not every customer is tech savvy:

Not every shopper is a tech savvy and being human we are not always online. Even if you have smartphone, sometimes you feel like reading an information in black & white.You should remember that your potential customer will stick to paper more, if your information is written in the best of  style and design. Therefore a good brochure design can actually help you in your marketing.


Personal touch is always beneficial:

It's always better to pass something to your prospect face-to-face, as it shows authenticity on your part. Even if companies are there in business for years, physical interaction is always needed to gain the prospect's trust. Through this kind of interaction, a lot can be said through your body language. Apart from the body language, this way appears more professional as your salesperson is ready for the conversation. The prospects all doubts and queries can be sorted out at that point only, he feels more satisfied. A satisfied prospect often turns into a real customer, thus this approach gives you result with a much shorter gestation period.


Element of comfort:

As said earlier, not everyone is tech savvy and there are a lot of us who like to read things on paper. Apart from this, even all the company's websites are not up to the mark. The design and content of some of the companies are such that it is a tiring job to get information out of it. Even many a time, the brochure gives more relevant and correct information than the website. Through brochure, you can search for products, select your preference, and chose according to your budget at one go. The time taken to come to a buying decision through brochure is much less as compared to doing the same with the help of website.



The kind of freedom brochure provides is way beyond any other marketing tool. You can print anything on it and it is ready to speak on your behalf. Right from products to offers, brochure give you the much needed scope to reach to your prospects. You can also say about the future trade show or presentation and reach to your potential customers. Brochure give you opportunity to tap the right prospect at the right time.  



Every business house has the cost factor in mind before going for marketing strategy. This is where brochure takes a winning lead from other tools of marketing. The relatively low cost of printing brochures makes it a favourite among the business house, especially smaller ones. When compared with other types of marketing tools like, billboards, etc, brochures can save you a considerable amount of your money. Apart from this, the more brochures you order, the lesser it as far as cost of single one is concerned.


If you are thinking of getting a brochure designing done for you, there are a several service providers. You can choose according to your need and budget because it's your business which is going to be benefitted.

1. Smartfish

2. Viteb

3. Multidots

4. Your Design Pick

5. Eight 25 Media

6. Lounge Lizard


Go! make your business shine. One small and wise step of your's can give you the much needed jump you ever wanted.

yourdesignpick's insight:

Brochure is great tool for explaining what your business is about. A professionally designed brochure is most effective marketing tool as it interacts more with audience in comparison to other tools. Brochures are great marketing tool for promoting your business, brands, and products. YourDesignPick provides unique brochure design, logo design, business card design, and many more that suits your business at a affordable price.


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Benefits of appropriate designed Poster

A well designed and presented poster is a medium of communicating to a particular target market. It is the most logical and cost-effective way of marketing to all the people living in a particular area. When designed and placed properly, attractive posters can allure all the people who have a look at it. They can be a great marketing tool for any business and help in increasing brand awareness.


A well designed and placed poster is helpful in educating people about a new product or service. Some of the advantages of a poster are:


Cost- effective Marketing Tool


The most important benefit that poster provides to the business is reducing its marketing cost. You can hire a professional poster designer and get your poster designed within your budget. It will definitely not cost you stars and your most cost- effective marketing tool will be ready for your business.


Instigates Instant Response


You can target a particular segment of people with a well designed poster Whether they are standing for a bus or going in their vehicle, your poster will be noticed by them. Your poster has to be designed in such a way that it calls for action. With a clever and sharp designed poster, you can make the people go for it as soon as possible.


Make it Visible to many


It is at your own discretion to make your poster more visible to the viewers. You can go for many posters or you can go for a single big poster depending on your budget and need. Making people to go for more viewing will ensure that they will have a picture of your product and brand. The poster will be in their mind for long after actually seeing it.


Choose your Location wisely


You can put your poster at any place and can target your market according to you. The place which you choose has to be such that it allow maximum people to view it. The better place you will choose for your poster, better result you are likely to get out of it. So just select the right location and let your poster bring the maximum result.


But only thinking about a poster will not serve the purpose. In order to make your poster work for your business, it has to be designed and executed in a professional way. It is important for your poster to be both attractive and informative. In order to get noticed by people, your poster has to be unique and alluring in every aspect.


Yourdesignpick, one of the best web and graphic designing company, offers thousands of unique poster designs, Corporate logo design, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design & much more in 30+ categories at 100% customization.




yourdesignpick's insight:


A well designed poster is the fastest way to communicate your message to public which helps to grow your business. A good poster works in many ways, such as promotion of your site, new products, and services you are providing. The aim of the poster is to grab the attention of your audience which in turn will generate interest in your area of business. Yourdesignpick offers custom poster designs, brochure designs, creative logo designs, and business card designs that suits your business.


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Importance of a Good Business Card Design

We say we have gone digital these days, right from sending mail to attending meeting, signing contracts to networking, everything has become digital in its own way. But a beautiful business card is one thing which will take time to evade in this digital world.

In this age of digitalization where everyone carries a smartphone with internet accessibility, business cards practicality is often questioned. Here are some of the reason why a good business card is and will always be an effective tool for your business growth and prosperity.


1. Don't be impersonal :

In today's era of competition, networking becomes the prime tool of standing out from others. Sending contact information through mail or text is speedy but extremely impersonal as well. It's always good to engage in eye contact and start a real conversation with a handshake.


2. Direct marketing tools :

All the digital marketing tools Email, SEO, etc have their relevance but your business card serves the purpose in a much shorter span of time. You get your client reaction instantly in person and can formulate your strategies accordingly. They always serve their purpose of creating more business connections with warmth and feeling.


3. A business card is the first impression of your brand :

A beautifully designed business card is often the first impression of your brand. The best way to to engage a potential customer towards your business is to giving them your business card. An already impressed potential customer can be your real customer by your business card. A good business card does a lot more than passing information, it makes that moment more memorable.


4. Good Design- Your Marketer :

A business card is a physical object that you leave with a potential client of yours. Now its not just a business card, it's your brand that is staying with your client. A well designed and creative business card creates an impression on your client, making him put you and your brand ahead of others.


5. Show your preparedness :

Giving a business card to your client means you are prepared for the deal. It shows your professionalism as far as serving your client is concerned. Always keep your business card handy in order to win your client trust of working with you.


But only giving a business card to your client does not serve your purpose. In order for the business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable.It is important for your card to be attractive and memorable. You should understand that your client might receive hundreds of business cards from various individuals and it's tough for them to remember your card. Thus, a beautifully designed business card can only serve your purpose.


YourDesignPick, one of the best web and graphic designing company, offers thousands of unique corporate logos, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design,poster design & much more in 30+ categories at 100% free customization.



yourdesignpick's insight:

A beautiful business card is one thing which will take time to evade in this digital world. Your business card can sometimes be the first impression people will have of your business. Business cards helps business people to present their company image by highlighting the services they are providing. Yourdesignpick a brainchild of delivers custom business card design that helps your business to stand out along with website designs.

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Importance of Creative Brochure Designs for Effective Branding

Importance of Creative Brochure Designs for Effective Branding | Graphics Designers – |
yourdesignpick's insight:

Whether you are running an enterprise or simply a start-up, marketing is the point we all have to pass through. Though online marketing has now become more important & significant, for all kinds of businesses, offline marketing is still inevitable.


Still most of your consumers are not that much tech-savvy to find your business through Internet. Offline marketing helps you in getting to that remote corner of your business. Offline marketing literally involves lots of separate things but considering its importance, we will be talking here only about brochure design.


Brochure is among the most effective offline marketing tool that significantly affects the purchase decision of your consumers. The quality of your brochure material, its design & the content inside can easily add or cut off the customers from your business list. The more appealing your brochure, the more attention & hence more retention it will get to your business.


Importance of brochure as a marketing tool


Brochure is direct marketing tool which physically reaches to your customer. For your customers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues & business partners, it is a convenient way of knowing more in-depth about your business & products. They can keep it & read through it anytime they are free & also easily hand-over it to the concerned ones.


Being a form of direct communication, when you reach to your customers through brochures, it makes them feel more valuable & more personal with your brand.


Enough of importance, now a true fact!


That’s quite enough on importance of brochure, now let’s face the reality. You, I & we all are handed over dozens of different promotive materials everyday. As per a research, we all get almost 5,000 promotive messages everyday!


Don’t you get many brochures at your home? Don’t you get so many of them while walking around? Don’t you get many brochures while going for shopping? We all do. And the fact is, most of the times we just throw it out as a piece of paper.


In such a big junk of marketing materials, only few rare of them that appeal your senses, will last there in your memory & it will play an important role while you are purchasing a similar product!




Where does the design stand in-between?


With a well-designed brochure, you can not just catch your target’s attention but also make them read thoroughly about your business & products. A brochure has four vital characteristics any marketing tool must have, namely- promotion, persuasiveness, versatility & afford-ability. Thus by availing eye catching brochure design, you can ensure that everything you want to convey to your targets is being considered & not ignored.


Increase your marketing value using our custom brochure design packages available in all sizes. Get attractive and engaging brochure designs created by talented designers from YourDesignPick, leading graphic designing company providing unique business brochures designsclearly conveying the brand identity to the target audience with 100% free customization delivered in just 48 hours. 

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Custom Stationery Designing –

Custom Stationery Designing – | Graphics Designers – |
yourdesignpick's insight:

6 Elements Of Customized Stationery Design

Stationery design is a great way to express your brand values and create the brand identity. If you have been ignoring the design of your company stationary for any reason, it's never late to revamp your corporate identity.

Stationery design includes CDs, business cards, envelopes, newsletter & much more depending upon your business and these tools are much more than merely pieces of paper. Though it is not related with your business revenue, it can have a big punch on company's reputation.

Every company, in order to look professional, must have these 6 essential elements crafted carefully in their stationery designs...


1. Business personality

This is undoubtedly one of the most essential feature & reason of why the stationery design should not be ignored. Apart from banners, advertises & other media where designs are implemented, stationery design is also much significant in building your business personality.

All in all, your stationery design should match & complement your business personality. If your company logo is blue & green than most preferable colors for your brand's stationery design are blue, green & their shades.

Font style, font size, graphical shapes etc should also be placed according to tone of your business identity kit.

2. Creativity

If you want a true punch with your company's stationery design, try being creative with it. Though it may affect the level of formality your business deals with, it is great way to tell people that you are innovators not followers.

In the era of competition where everyone wants to look professional, this will be much more beneficial to create a unique image of your brand.


3. Clarity

Being creative with stationery design doesn't mean that you've to fill the designs with mess of graphical elements. To look sensible, your stationery designs need to look neat & clear.

The wiser you use the design space, the more sophisticated your business will look. Ultimately, the aim of business stationery is mainly to convey your messages, not to catch eyeballs with bombastic designs (unless it is a graphical brand).

4. Details

Don't forget to include your brand details. Include your company logo, address, telephone number etc wherever it looks relevant. Especially, the company logo should not be missed there on any single piece of your stationery. It reflects a sense of professionalism in your designs and the company itself, in turn.

5. Material quality

If you are truly serious about your business and its level of professioanlism than you must include this one in your checklist. The quality of material/paper you use must be good.

Though it may cost you a bit more, it will bring you more sophisticated prospects who need exceptional services and they are willing to pay more for it.

Smooth paper & feather-like touch of stationery will surely make customers read it twice (or at least look it twice).


6. Wordings

Wordings matter a lot. Though there are much less scopes of word-play in stationery, wordings should be beautiful and representing voice of your company.

Everybody likes clear, concise & to-the-point messages. So if your employees are lacking at communication skills, unfortunately, you need to train them or atleast hire somebody who is great at doing it. Content is king afterall.

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Logo Designing Services

Logo Designing Services | Graphics Designers – | – most affordable graphic design company based in India offers creative custom logo designing, corporate brochure designing, professional business card designing services in USA, UK, Australia & Canada.
yourdesignpick's insight:

Custom Logo Designs – For Brand Building


The science of logo design is one of the most exaggerated aspects behind the process of developing a logo. It’s commonly connected exclusively with the choice of colors used in logo design but is not limited to that extent but actually much more than that. A logo is an integral part of a company's corporate identity. Familiarity is significant to growing business. A uniquely tailored logo design can increase your company's identity and help you to acquire instant recognition.


Logo design is a primary element as it is the fundamental part of all your marketing and promotional materials. Your logo resides on your brochure, flyer, business cards, presentation folder, envelope, letterhead or any other business stationary. A unique logo increases awareness about your business making the observer curious and engaged. Logos can be any image, text or combination of both which is related and reflects your brand image. Mostly logos are of three types.


Text Logo : Many companies opt for textual logo which is developed by using custom font styles. Text logos are the simplest kind of logos as it reflects direct image of your business. They are easy to remember. Many corporate logo design samples are examples of text logos such as Google, Microsoft and much more.


Symbol Logo : Symbolic logo designs use specific symbols to mention the company or business. Symbol logos are solely designs which stand for your business. It is very important to choose these type of logos carefully because if you choose wrong image that does not help people to identify you then its just a wastage of time and money. Many brands like Nike, Addidas,UNICEF etc is using symbol logos. Remember that if you are using symbolic logo your symbol should be powerful enough that people should at once recognize your brand.


Combination Logo: A combination of symbol and text is known as combination logo. These type of logos are very easy to retrieve. It involves company name and symbol.


It all depends on a company what option they want to go for their company. Whatever type you select, your logo design should not be complex, but simple that speaks volume for your business.


Logo designing is brainstorming process. You need skilled designer to get the best logo design for you. But it is a very fussing way to search for such a designer and deal with him and get into long conversations. Such a process becomes tedious and time consuming. YourDesignPick is the most affordable and quick way to get your desired design in a hassle free way. YourDesignPick gives you opportunity to choose your desires graphic design, print design and web design from large inventory which is updated daily. YourDesignPick provides ready availability of graphic designs, print designs, web designs with 100% free customization. It is really a hassle free way with just three steps you can get your required designs. 

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How to fix 5 common blog design mistakes?

How to fix 5 common blog design mistakes? There would be many instances when you will visit a blog but leave the page quickly because you will not get what you are looking for. Even if you have the most interesting and engaging content, the design of the blog page would matter a lot. You should make sure that the functioning of your blog for your viewers is easy. Designing a blog page is not enough, you have to make it both attractive and interactive for your viewers. While designing your blog, you might commit some common mistakes which will ruin the purpose of your blog. Listed below are some of the mistakes which should be avoided to get the best from your blog. 1. Navigation menu is not friendly The navigation menu is there to facilitate your readers to navigate through your blog. Use it properly to help your visitors surf through all the important pages. Do not include irrelevant links as it would not only confuse but irritate your viewers too. Keep only the links which are most important and relevant to your visitors. Add pages like your about page, products, services, contact, etc in the sidebar of your page. If possible, group your blogs into topics using categories and subcategories. By categorizing your blogs you can help your viewers to find the most relevant blog for them. 2. Sidebar is Cluttered Your sidebar should be designed in the best way to give your blog page a professional look. A cluttered sidebar will result in giving a disorganized look to your blog page beside confusing your readers. Whatever items you are integrating on your blog should have relevance to your readers. Beside confusing your readers, all the unnecessary widgets on your blog slow down your website. You should delete old ads and banners. Display the most important widgets at the top of your sidebar. If there are important items which needs to be included but there is lack of space in the sidebar, use the footer of your page. 3. Fonts are in too many numbers Though fonts are amazing and enhance the overall look of your blog page, you should be cautious while using it. Since there are so many beautiful free fonts available, make sure you do not get carried away. Use the font which is absolutely needed and meaningful for your blog page design. Using too many fonts in the blog design will make it look messy and unprofessional. The posts and blogs on your page should look cohesive in their appearance. Select 2 or 3 fonts and stick to it to give a clear and better vision for your viewers. Go for a style guide so that you can keep a consistent look for your blog and images. 4. Text is uneasy to read The sole purpose of keeping content on your blog page is to make your viewers read it. If your text appears too difficult to read for your readers, they will surely skip it. Small text is used now but it is not going to be used in future since 12px font size is not easy to read. Use proper background color as squinting might not hurt your reader's eyes but will surely annoy them. Though small fonts look good on minimalist websites having less text, it might not be a good idea to use it in blogs. Use a font size of 16-20 px and have a contrast effect between font color and background color. To further facilitate your readers, split your text body into paragraphs with proper titles and subtitles. 5. Share buttons are used Sharing is the best way to reach maximum readers around the globe. The more number of times your blogs would be shared on social media sites, the more popularity it will gain. Try to integrate share buttons wherever it is required. The best bet would be to integrate your share buttons inside your posts so that your reader can find it easily. There are some themes which come loaded with pre-built share buttons unlike Wordpress. If you are using plugins on Wordpress, you can place your share buttons wherever you need through your settings panel.
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Plenty to think about but you’d be surprised by knowing how many websites make these mistakes. It’s okay to be creative, but don’t overdo it. Keep the structure and the design of your layout straightforward, relevant and organized. Remember, your main goal is to be useful, so avoid anything that wastes your readers’ precious time. Yourdesignpick is designing websites, blogs & many others since years with their years of expertise in creativeness & innovation.
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4 Ways to make your Brochure Effective

4 Ways to make your Brochure Effective | Graphics Designers – |

A brochure is simply a means of communication which acts as a solid marketing tool for your business. You can summarise all your important information at one point and target your audience. Your audience will get all the relevant inputs about the products and services you are offering to them. You need to convey your information to your readers in the most effective way through a good brochure design. A compelling and attractive brochure design will help you in reaching your target market as it will gain their attention. The only way to make your audience read your brochure is by designing it in the most attractive way.

Since the text in the brochure is usually more than other forms of advertisements as it aims at educating your audience, your readers might find it boring. You have to come up with a creative and good brochure design to attract your readers to go through it. Whether you are using your brochure to educate, inform or promote, an attractive brochure design is a must for your company. Before going for using brochure as your marketing tool, you have to work on several parameters which are mentioned below.

Set a well-defined Purpose: Before designing your brochure, you should determine the primary message you want to convey. You should also focus on who will be your target audience and what reaction you are expecting from them. After getting answer to all these questions, you will be in a better position to decide on your content for brochure. Never forget to add your contact details in your brochure as it will help your audience to locate you.

Plan the structure before: Get the clear idea about the structure you are planning to have for your brochure. Whether you are going to have a single-fold, bi-fold or tri-fold brochure, better decide on your layout beforehand. Plan about the sequence of pages and your cover page with images and content that will be used in it. Proper synchronization is very important for brochure designing as it helps you putting right thing at the right place.

Style of writing matters: You should remember that writing for brochure is completely different from writing for magazines, journals and web. As it will usually be distributed to people passing so your content has to be short and crisp to gain their attention. Use prompting language which will drive your readers to perform action and go for your products or services. Always go for a content proofread before the final print to avoid any spelling and grammar errors.

Use proper colour-combination: Always go for the right set of colours so that your brochure stand out among others present in the market. Usually your readers are more fascinated with the colours than the plain text used in the brochure. Use colours wisely and avoid using bright colours which will deviate the attention of your readers from the content in your brochure. Use colours which complement the content in your brochure. Use a proper background colour which will make your text clearly visible.

yourdesignpick's insight:

A brochure is simply a means of communication which acts as a solid marketing tool for your business. A professionally designed and printed brochure can be a vital lead-generating tool. A well-executed brochure will remind your prospect of the services you offer and, most importantly, what sets you apart from the competition.YourDesignPick, a globally trusted brand, deliversvarious custom designs for Brochure, Business Card, Logo, Facebook page and many more.


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Social Media Designing

With the phenomenal growth and development of the social media, every business is willing to associate with it. As more and more people are becoming active on social media sites, its significance has grown manifold. With a boom in the social media active participation, more consumers are exposed to Tweets, Likes, Texts and Messages. Even Though you come across many of such things in your everyday life, does they create an impact on your mind. How many of them do you actually remember? Well, here is where the social media designing into play. With the need to read and view the images in seconds and even on mobile, graphic design plays a role not only in attracting the customer's attention but also in building your brand awareness. With the fast and ever changing world, attention span has decreased to an all time low. This has made graphic design in social media even more important and significant.

You have to be Consistent
With the most of the brands becoming more and more prevalent on social media, consistency can be the key to recognition. When you choose to go for social media presence, you have to be consistent in order to create an image in customer's mind. YourDesignPick, a social media designing company can help you with proper images and elements to make it attractive. The power of a good graphic design is evident when you share or like it, you have unintentionally marketed the brand. A good social media design can help you get many likes, comments and messages, helping you to get the much needed attention of the social media users.

Showcase your Culture
You can actually show and convey your culture through the various images posted on your site. Proper marketing of your product/service is important but showing your company's inner culture and ethics is important too. You can use social media designing as a tool to showcase your strength and qualities which sets you apart in the market. YourDesignPick can efficiently help you to show your “behind-the-scenes” story and grab more attention. Your proper showcasing of your culture will set you apart from the crowd and win you more attention.

Use the right Color
The graphic design is much more than pretty pictures scattered all over your page. You should understand that it has got more to do with the brand you create. YouDesignPick can bring the change by using proper color for your logo and putting it at the right place, giving you the much needed good impression in the mind of visitors. Your company is also perceived the way it is presented on the social networking site, choosing the right color-combination will make it stand ahead of others. Having a consistent look and feel on the social media sites will help your brand to make a mark among customers.

YourDesignPick, one of the best web and graphic designing company, offers thousands of unique poster design, social media design, corporate logos, creative business cards, custom stationery designs, presentation folder designs, t-shirt design, vehicle wrap design & much more in 30+ categories at 100% free customization. You should remember that the role of graphic designing is increasing at a rapid pace and you have to be on your toe to catch it up.

yourdesignpick's insight:

In order for any business to be successful, establishing a social media strategy is essential. With the need to read and view the images in seconds and even on mobile, graphic design plays a role not only in attracting the customer's attention but also in building your brand awareness. Consider how you want to present yourself and your company in front of consumers through your website as well as social media platforms.  YourDesignPick is a business that delivers custom designs for Facebook page design, corporate identity, advertisement, merchandise, and web page design like Banner Ad designing, T-shirt design and many more.

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Choose right professional web design company

Choose right professional web design company | Graphics Designers – |

From a local plumber to a multi million pound international company, the one thing that most businesses have in common is the need for a website to have an online presence to either attract new customers or enhance the brand for the existing ones. Having online visibility is more critical now as more and more users head towards Google for what they want, rather than spending hours hunting around to get recommendations. Basically, having a website for your company is one of the major steps while launching a new company or moving forward with the existing one. More and more people head online to get what they want  in the age of technology and smart phones, so if your company does not have a website, just imagine how many potential customers you are missing out.

So, why are people reluctant to go to a professional web designing company? The answer may vary from person to person, the most common answers you would get will often evolve round price  and not knowing which company to select from group of companies. Creating a web design takes far more than just a good touch with graphics, it is a whole profession unto itself and requires great skill.

Although there are many people who can indeed make their own website for their business, but by employing an experienced and professional web designing company, you would be getting something that really works. Even if a company has already decided to choose a professional web design team, there are still many different factors to wade through in order to find just the right designers. The right designer for you should be right on target with your ideals, and can implement that in the graphics, the call to action techniques, the content of the site and the database storage of visitor information. All of this takes a great deal of professional skill, business ethics, and high quality computer functions that some design firms may not be prepared to offer. And whilst many of us probably think we can knock up a quick website and business will start flowing, the reality is we normally end up with something that looks poor and does not get any traffic.

Additionally, since a company wants to purchase the very best in web design they can afford, they need to keep an eye on the potential return on their investment. Good questions to ask about the design team include whether or not they will keep track of bounce rates, whether they offer proper SEO quality content, whether they offer long term support to their clients and how they will be implementing the latest in algorithm updates. When using a firm, rather than a freelancer, it is possible to enjoy a group of talent. Design, coding and  delivering are three elements that come together and push towards a good end result, which is why they will discuss with you and plan your approach before starting any work.

If thinking about the current scenario, all the companies should have a website to create a unique stand among all others. To display your company's message and expertise, you should take the services of a professional web design company. Keep these things in mind while choosing a professional web design company :
Clear your requirements first. Always see the background and past records of the company. This will help you to conclude whether the approached company is able to fulfill all your needs.
You should always know the working process of the company. A professional web design company will share its  process with you.
Your web design agency should be ready to discuss about its strategies and tools to drive measurable traffic to your website. Talk about your content to the company.
If you are dealing with a professional web design company, they will offer you site maintenance even after site launch.

So now you know the steps while selecting a web design agency for your website. Keep these things in mind and go for a professional web design agency for getting a perfect website for your business.

If you are thinking of getting a website but still have doubts about some professional web designing company, here are the top lists for your new site :
1. Smartfish
2. Viteb
3. Multidots
4. Your Design Pick
5. Eight 25 Media
6. Lounge Lizard
Go and speak to a few, because what you will get is advice, but the most you will get is an online presence that could literally transform your business.


yourdesignpick's insight:

Now a days every company or organization needs a website for its business promotion, & the website has to be appealing to the customers, it should provide ways to attract consumers to the business. So the Web Designing plays an important role – various themes, CSS, Graphics, content all contribute to a Website, but designs are the things that will help your viewers to cling to you & your business. YourDesignPick provides web designing services that will generate genuine viewers and customers to your business.

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Importance of designing a creative logo for your business

In the business world you are never alone, there are other competitors who are trying to attract and retain the same customers. What makes you distinguish yourself from the others or brand identity of your company is the only thing that will work in your favour. People like to associate themselves with brands with a powerful image in the market. To attract more customers, you need to build your brand in a way that appeals the audience.

Your logo design defines your business image and communicate your business values to the audience in a most precise and appealing way. Many people think a business can do well even without a logo or they can design it themselves but such is not the case.

The role played by logo can never be replaced by any other design product. A logo of a company has the potential enough to make or break the brand image. A custom logo design for your brand will help you outshine your competitors.

Imagine your company website, envelope, letterheads, business cards or any stationery products without your company logo on it. All these design products will not be able to depict the right message without your logo design on it.

Your logo is your face of the company. If a logo design is not done the right way, it may cause huge damage to the business for years. A creative, unique, simple, catchy, memorable logo which can be used in different media effectively should be designed. Colours play a huge role in the logo design and should be chosen wisely. Colours speaks by itself as our subconscious mind is programmed to interpret different colours.

Big companies shed millions of dollars to get their custom logo design done so that they can outshine competitors. It’s always advisable to go for a good custom logo design service to get the logo of your company designed in a professional way. Its better late than never.

yourdesignpick's insight:

Your logo design defines your business image and communicates your business values to the audience in a most appealing way.A logo of a company has the potential to make or break the brand image. Your Design Pick is a website designing and development company, having web designers and developers, delivering affordable ecommerce websites, CMS web0sites, web hosting and SEO services. Your Design Pick helps you build your brand identity using creative logos.

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Custom graphic and website design

In today’s world every company needs an online presence. If you are not present on the internet that means you are non-existent as a business. Website targets the masses, hence it’s important to have an appealing design for your website. Good website design is important to create a good impression on your site visitors.

Some tips for good website design:

1)High Quality Content with keywords: As it is said, “Content is the king”, it’s always preferable to have high quality content because that’s what drives visitors to a website. Keywords are the words which people use in their search options and these keywords will help search engines to search your website.


2)Responsive Design: Creating a responsive design means adapting to the screen size of device the visitor is using. Responsive design improves the viewing experience of the visitor as it gives an optimal view of the website layout.


3)Text: Text on the website should be readable. It should neither be too small or too big. The background should not interrupt the text and the information hierarchy should be clear. Narrow text columns can be considered as they make reading easier.


4)Navigation: The design of the website should be pleasing to the eye or else visitors will not prefer it. A good design is easy to understand and uses navigation buttons effectively. Each menu item should be linked to the respective page for the information. Large websites can also have sitemap or index.


5)Pages: Making the pages too cluttered or adding up too much images make a website unappealing for a visitor and a good website design should make sure that the pages download quickly. More images will make the website load slowly. Apart from the photo gallery, keep minimal images on the page.


6)Graphics: The buttons used should not be too big and animated graphic should turn off automatically. Every graphic link should have a matching text link. Make use of your custom logo design on your website too, as visitors get appealed to it easily.


Good web design will encourage visitors to come back. So it’s important to spend some time on planning your website design. A professional service can help make your website get a professional and attractive look which will help increase the traffic to your website which will in turn lead to the growth of the company.

yourdesignpick's insight:

As we know design adds stunning features to the brand identity.Creating a professional brand impression with fresh creative designs.YourDesignPick delivers custom design for corporate identity,advertisements, merchandise, web layouts and social media themes.


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Creative Business Card Designs – YourDesignPick

Creative Business Card Designs – YourDesignPick | Graphics Designers – |

Enhance your brand identity with customized & creative business card designed bu, leading graphic design company offering professional business card designs at affordable prices with 100% free customization.


yourdesignpick's insight:

Buying a custom business card design is apparently not too difficult task but still it could be much more easier and beneficial if you knew the metrics to checkout before you actually do it.

Here are 4 essential things you should consider while buying a custom business card design:

1. Shape of Your Desired Business Card
2. Print material
3. Business Card Size &
4. Design format

Shape of your business card:

There are two types of business cards by shape, either die-cut or conventional business card. Before you get a custom business card design, bear in mind which one you want for your business and create your design brief accordingly.

Die-cut business cards

Die-cut business cards are special type of business cards which are not rectangular in shape. Die-cut business cards need to be printed using more sophisticated printing machinery and hence if you choose a design suitable for die-cut business card, it will cost you more than conventional business cards.

Die-cut business cards come in various shapes ranging from simple circle to undefined ones. So you will also need to specify its shape and dimensions in your design brief for a perfect custom design.

Conventional business cards

Conventional business cards are simple rectangle shaped business cards. Almost of them are same in size, usually 3.5×2 inches. However, if you want some twist with it, you can opt for different print materials other than regular paper.

So if you are going for conventional business card, also specify its size and material in your design brief. It will help designers prepare the best design for you.

Business card print material:

By the types of material, there are many possibilities for business cards but consider your budget and estimate the cost for your preferred type of business card material. It will help you figure out what’s the best type of business card for you. Based upon type of used material, there are following types of business cards:

Paper business cards

Paper business cards are easily available anywhere both online and offline. If you are considering cost-effectiveness, regular paper business cards are quite cheaper compared to all other types of business cards.

Paper business cards can be textured, glossy, matte or regular finished. Choose the one that suits best to your business personality & budget and get your business card design made accordingly.

Plastic business cards

Plastic business card can be transparent or non-transparent. Though transparent plastic business cards look quite appealing, you should bear in mind that such cards are usable only with one of its side. As you print on one side, another side of card will become useless for design purpose.

So choose transparent business card designs only if you need fewer details to be displayed and a simple business card design with minimal graphics. Also specify in your brief if you need business card design for transparent plastic material or the regular plastic material.

Metal business cards

In very rare case, metal business cards are advised as they are quite costly and hard to carry with and handover to others. If you are a kind of business that is rough and sluggish in nature, metal business cards can be ideal for you, otherwise it’s not recommended at all.

Wooden business cards

Wooden business cards are beautiful and looks sophisticated. So if you are running a highly professional business related to luxurious entities, you can go for wooden business cards.

For example, an interior designer’s business card would look great if its made of wooden material. If you are to choose wood as print material for your business card, ask your designers for business card mock ups made using wooden material.

If you have any other material in your mind other than paper for your business card, Ask your printers first if they provide prints on that materials or not.

In either case they do provide or not, clearly describe in your design brief which kind of material you are going to use for your business card.

Also ask your designers to give you design previews for the very same material. For example, if you are going to have letterpress business cards ask for letterpress business card mock ups instead of plain designs. It will give you better idea of how it will actually look.

Business card size:

Usually business card size is 3.5×2 inches but standard business card sizes around the world are matter of variation. See the following Wikipedia table to know more about it. In your design brief, include your business card size too:

Design format:

When you buy business card design online, one of the major problem you might face is incompatible design format. The business card design provided by your design should be in a printable format and for that you have to consider following tips:

Get bleed area included in design:

Bleed area is extra part (additional border space) of design that is kept as blank design space to accommodate with unwanted cutouts in design. Bleed area will save you from design cutouts when you get your business card design is actually printed. Also it will be useful later when you need to change business card size slightly.

Make sure the design format you get is print-friendly:

To ensure print-friendliness of your design,

1. consider the file format &

2. Consider image mode of design.

Most widely used print formats are .psd, .eps, .tif, .jpeg, .ai, .pdf and .png. Ask your designer which of these formats will be available to you and discuss with your printers if they could use it for their prints. Image mode can be CMYK, RGB or any other standard image mode but most widely used is CMYK. So make sure that business card design supplied to you will be in CMYK mode only.

As you have chosen every aspect for your ideal business card design, now you can move to your designer and get your business card custom designed. There are several leading graphic designing companies available in market providing designing services for business and individual purpose. is one such leading graphic design company offering unique business card designs. From our design portfolio, you can choose from 1000s of ready-made design samples and customize it as per your needs, all at quite an affordable prices. Take a look at our business card design portfolio for more info.

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Business Card Designing Services –

Business Card Designing Services – | Graphics Designers – |

Get your corporate business cards designed from, India's creative & professional design company providing customized business/visiting cards designing services USA, UK, Canada and Australia

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Designing Business Cards That Reflect Your Brand !!

Starting a business is not an easy undertaking and quick step to do, but attractive Business cards can be helpful to promote your business and your products in market and Networking is the key in any new business start up. Business cards are the traditional way used since long to enhance your company and product. Your  business card can make or break any business relationship you have potentially earn. If your marketing campaign is lacking Business card
then this is your time to get creative.


The thing that matters how you design your business card will reflect your brand image on your clients and potential. This image will actually impact about your quality service and business. Business cards help business people present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by a particular company. They can also help to enhance the personal image of a businessperson. There are so many options that you can go with when designing your creative business cards. Business cards can be in a various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Sometimes it is very confusing to decide that how you want your business card to look, you need to make sure it looks perfect. After all, it is the thing that is representing you and your business.

Even though business cards are relatively common business tools, it is not uncommon for people to have difficulty determining what information they should include on their business cards. In fact, some people will ignore vital information from their business cards and concentrate more on pictures. All the fancy looking cards will be of no use if it is not informative and helpful. Investment after business card designs will be a waste if the people to whom you have handed a card will not reach you! Production and printing costs of business cards are low, but benefits are high, as they create a brand image in the business world. As a result, the market value of business cards is high.

Simple business card design is the best. Analyze who are your clients and what type of business do they have. In race of looking bold and more innovative business cards, your business card will simply go in the trash. Give your clients such amazing business card that they should file it for contact later. If you are stuck on your ideas, just browse through thousands of business card design gallery at YourDesignPick that showcases most creative, stylish, original and innovative business card designs.

YourDesignPick, an online portal which is open for all those who require custom graphic design without facing any hassles in dealing with multiple graphic designers all under one roof. You can get your custom business card designed in a simple and quick way with 100%
customization. So, what are you waiting for? Go, enhance your brand identity with creative business card designs inventory at YourDesignPick.

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