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Custom software Development, also known as Bespoke or Tailor made software development is the process involving specific software design developed for specific user or organization. The client or the investor is the one that dictates features, functions and facilities offered by custom software. Designed specifically for the department or a company, custom software is owned by the user, can incorporate features from a variety of other software, is flexible in terms of design and functionality and built with standard development tools, guaranteeing long term usage.


Considering that software solutions can play a crucial role in determining the success of a company, we present you a list of pros and cons of custom software-




Easy to use- Since the user/organization is the one that decides on the features and functions required, operating the software is easy and fuss free. In contrast to off-the-shelf or existing software, this kind of solution takes lesser space on the hard drive and is oriented to providing faster results.


Provides Control- For an existing software, you may have to wait for the upgrade to get desired changes. Even then you will unsure about whether the upgrade heeds to your requirements. But this isn’t the case with custom software development. You are the one who controls features, decide how quickly would they be implemented and how often upgrades would be required.


Fewer Errors- Are you afraid that regular, off-the-shelf software won’t match your working practices? If yes then Bespoke or custom software is what you need. Precisely matching to your requirements, this kind of software will help make the workplace more efficient. Training your employees would be easier, less supervision would be required and consequently, operating errors would reduce.


Increased productivity- Any repetitive tasks followed in your organization can be easily automated. This would result in increased productivity, lesser operation time and thereby, reduced costs.


Integration- Custom Software not just differentiates you from the competition, but it can also be integrated with your existing applications.


At the same time, it can incorporate industrial jargon and business know-how, making the information easily comprehendible.



Increased Investment- It’s custom software, therefore your company is the only one funding it. The investments costs would be higher. Therefore, before you go ahead and give a nod to custom software development company, make sure that you check out if the manufacturer has any hidden costs, such as installation, upgrades or bug fixing. Considering that custom software is a long term investment, make sure that you contact the developer and ask the research team to ascertain whether you will be able to recover the costs in a few years.


Difficult to find developer- You an easily find software developers, but opting for someone appropriate can be difficult, especially when the number of inexperienced and unscrupulous programmers is high. So, make sure that you conduct a prior research of the company, ask for previous experiences and prior testimonials of their clients before handling them the software development project.


Customized software can truly revolutionize the working of an organization. Offering several benefits, it can change the way your company works. All you have to do is choose experienced professionals.