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SoundGecko is a service that let’s users listen to any article on the web, on the go, anywhere.


Many learners/practitioners etc., commute to their learning environment and back every day, spending up to 40 minutes or more on the bus/train etc.


SoundGecko provides an easier way to catch up/keep up with web content, without squinting at the tiny text on their mobile - they just listen.


There’s three different ways of sending articles to SoundGecko: website, email or a browser (Chrome) plugin.


In a matter of seconds, SoundGecko will send users an email with a link to the MP3 file that they can listen to, on any device.


Users can do all of this for free, without downloading an app and without registration.


If users do register, they get to use the iPhone app and also Google Drive/Dropbox sync that lets them listen to all your articles easily. 

Via John Dalziel, Anthony Beal