Current News and "The Great Gatsby" | Current News and "The Great Gatsby" |

After reading through some current news article, I came across one that I believe relates to a conflict between Gatsby and Tom Buchanan. In chapter 7, Gatsby finally confessed his undying love of  Daisy right in front of Tom. Gatsby also said to Tom that Daisy never loved him and that she loved Gatsby the whole time the Buchanans were married. This comment angered Tom, and they eventually exploded into a huge argument over who Daisy loved. Like this epic confrontation, the explosion in Indianapolis in the news, was also collisal, because it was literally huge. I personally believe as a reader that the argument between the two wealthy men was the explosion, or the climax of the story because everything comes out into the open and it is not the happiest moments in the book. Likewise, the explosion of the house is the biggest thing that might have happened in Indianapolis. The aftermaths of both situations ended in chaos. Daisy makes contradicting statesments, because she says at one point she did love Gatsby, but also not never love Tom, which devastated Gatsby. The explosion sent quite a shock to nearby civilians, and the horrible event killed two people. The end for both stories does not make you feel good, which is why I was able to create a connection between the two worlds. They were both dangerously explosive, figuratively and literally, and it ended in chaos.