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Los Angeles TimesTennessee abortion bill would require publishing names of doctorsLos Angeles TimesBy Richard Fausset The latest salvo in the abortion wars comes in the form of a bill in the Tennessee Legislature that would result in the online publication...

Assignment A

1. The basic subject of this column is about a abortion bill that requires certian information to be published.


2. The information the author gives: 

   A. Earlier this month, Virginia's Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, signed a bill requiring women to have ultrasounds before an abortion

   B.  The sponsor of the bill, Matthew Hill, is a Republican state representative from the east Tennessee town of Jonesborough.


3. The author is mainly biased throughout the article, only using others opinions to share his own.


4. No, I only infer the authors opinion because of the quotes and statistics he places within the article.


6. I learned that the author is a mainly biased writer. I couldn't find any personal information within the article. He only talks about the issue and what has happened so far.


7. The article is written mainly for the citizens and mothers of Tennessee.


8. No, the author doesnt state his opinion directly. I agree with what the article is about, but I cannot conclude what the authors opinion is.


Assignment B


1. The author includes a few quotes and facts to help the reader learn more about the subject. The author says "critics say, [that it] could make it easy to guess identities, particularly in sparsely populated rural areas." To tell us that there are some cons to the bill.