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Grow Weed Basics: How to Grow Marijuana Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy

This guide will teach you how to grow weed in 20 minutes. Are you ready?

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Sydney Rudy's insight:

Wow great article!!


Nebula Haze's curator insight, August 27, 2013 2:55 PM

I just updated our famous grow weed guide with more pictures, more information, and a table of contents!

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Halperin: Obama Okay with Shutdown Because Media Has His Back

Halperin: Obama Okay with Shutdown Because Media Has His Back | Current Events |
Monday on Morning Joe, Time's Mark Halperin revealed to the world how the American media's pro-Obama bias will in part be to blame for any coming government shutdown.

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Sydney Rudy's insight:

In this article Our Media is said to be backing Obama throughout the government shut down. They are said to be pro-Obama bias throughtout the media. Because of the medias pro-Obama bias theynare partially to blame for our government shut down. 


I my opinion the media should not in any political matter be pro-Republican or Pro-Democrate. And this is what is happening and  the citizens of the US are not in any favor of it. With the government now shut down and the media burstingnwithninformation the only one in favor is the media. 

Ashley Woytcke's curator insight, October 2, 2013 3:30 PM

In this article it shows how media has caused this crisis that we are in today with our governemnet shut down. This article talks of how Obama was assuming that the media will help him so he does not have to ague is point and he can relax. They are saying that zechary altman media is pro-obama so he has nothing to worry about. Also the article talks of how the media has caused this goverenment shut down . Also it shows how obamawas apparently letting zechary altman media do his work for him. 

I find this very upsetting. I dont undertand how our president could say he can relax in a time like this. I think if you are our president you need to take responsibility for it. You can count on other people fix things. Obama should be working with other governement officials to fix the crisis that is happening, and not waiting for the media to do that for him. I was very surprised to read this article and hear how media can effect what happens in our governmnet.

Maxwell Nagel's curator insight, October 2, 2013 3:35 PM

In this article they talk about Obama feeling fine going into the shutdown because the media has his back and doesn't have to feel any pressure on penis negotiations. When the media has his back he doesn't have to take any political fall.

In my opinion I think that Obama was covering his back but didn't realize that he was going to get this much criticism. He was just trying to take the easy way out.

Ellen Bowman's curator insight, April 25, 2014 3:07 PM

Good insight