PRUDEN: A curious experiment in gun control in Afghanistan - Washington Times | Current Event 5 | (press release)PRUDEN: A curious experiment in gun control in AfghanistanWashington TimesMark Gurganus, the senior Marine in Afghanistan, to disarm his men on the battlefield, even for an audience with Defense Secretary Leon E.

1. The main subject of the article is the recent disarming of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan prior to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's speech.

2. -Two hundred Marines were ordered to leave a tent, where Secretary of Defense Panetta was giving a speech, and disarm before returning.

-It is considered standard operating procedure for soldiers on the front lines to always be armed wherever they are.

-Because of this it is considered degrading for them to be told to leave their weapons outside.

-Apparently the order came so that the American troops would look like the unarmed Afghan troops in attendance.

-The order came from Major General Mark Gurganus.

3.The author's opinion is that the order was stupid, degrading, and uncalled for.

4.Yes, you can tell the author's opinion by the remarks he makes about the order and the people involved.

5. The author believes that the order was stupid.

6. Someone who agrees with some things that Obama are doing but is for the most part disgusted with our leadership in this country.

7. Yes, it does seem pretty ridiculous to have 200 Marines in the middle of a warzone  to disarm.


Assignment B:

One rhetorical strategy that the author uses is sarcasm. The author makes many sarcastic remarks about how the situation was handled and also about Mr. Panetta's military record. He also makes remarks about Obama's foreign policy and the way he handled apologizing to the Afghan's about recent killings by American soldiers. The writer makes Panetta and Obama seem like they don't know what they are doing and need to be replaced.