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Obama finally scores coveted win on payroll taxAlbany Times Union17, 2012, after the final vote in the Senate on the payroll-tax cut and jobless-benefits extension package. (J.


1. The subject is the extension of the payroll tax cuts.

2.-Obama was able to renew a payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and jobless benefits for millions more.

-Under the bill, workers will continue to receive a 2 percentage point increase in their paychecks and people out of work would keep jobless benefits averaging about $300 a week.

-The reduction in the Social Security payroll tax $93 billion through 2022.

-Tax cuts, jobless coverage, and higher doctor's payments will continue through 2012.

3. The author sees this as a good move for Republicans who did not want to go through what they did in December. He also sees this as a win for Obama because Congress has been fighting over it for so long.

4. No, the article clearly states that this is a win for Obama and a tactical retreat by the Republicans.

5. It is hard to say who the writer supports because he presents the facts so neutrally.

6. This article was probably written for anyone who wants to know get the general facts about the passage of this bill.

7. Yes, the author simply presents the facts.


Assignment B:

The author employs several rhetoricla strategiees that greatly increase the effectiveness of the article. One of these strategies is the way that the author embeds quotes into the article. His article flows much better because of the way the quotes are inserted. For example, the two sentences around the quote by John McCain are supported by the quote and are relevant to it. Another strategy the author employed to make the article more helpful was presenting an answer to anyone who might have been wondering how the bill would have looked had the Rebulicans won. This makes the article more worthwhile reading. A final strategy that the author uses is explaining the bill and what the payroll tax cuts are. This is demonstrated in paragraphs two and three where the author explains what the bill entails.