Oakland to assess damage after Occupy protests | Current Event 1 | Scoop.it

For weeks the protests had waned, with only a smattering of people taking to Oakland's streets for occasional marches that bore little resemblance to the headline-grabbing Occupy demonstrations of last fall.


1. The main subject is the recent activity at the Occupy Oakland protest.

2. -On Saturday Occupy Oakland protesters broke into Oakland's City Hall, vandalised it, and burnt an American flag inside

-Demonstrations by Occupy Oakland have cost the financially troubled city about $5 million

-More than 400 people were arrested on Saturday for failure to disperse and vandalism

3. The author's opinion is that the protesters are causing damage and that they need to calm down and try to protest non-violently.

4. No, the writer includes more facts about what the protesters are doing wrong and how they adversely affect the City of Oakland.

5. The columnist probably does not support the violent and destructive protests of the Occupy movement.

6. This article was probably written for a more conservative audience or for those that do not support the Occupy movement.

7. Yes, the author gives you the facts about the extent of the damage and disruption the Occupy Oakland protest  and doesn't try to make the police and city officials seem like the bad guys.

8. Collins, Terry. "Oakland to assess damage after Occupy protests."Associated Press.29 January 2012.http://news.yahoo.com/oakland-assess-damage-occupy-protests-172156955.html

 Assignment B

The writer draws the reader into the story by immediately getting to the point of the article. By putting alot of action in paragraph two, the writer makes the reader really want to stay and read the whole article. Another rhetorical strategy that the writer employs is presenting both sides of the issue. For example, the author includes quotes from the mayor of Oakland, two police officers, and a protester. This makes it easier for a person to form his own opinion about the protests. Also, the writer gives alot of facts rather than opinions. This makes this article a more reliable source of information for the reader.