Libraries and Ebooks: What’s Going On? | Library Corner |

Libby Fischer Hellmann:

A discussion about ebooks for patrons with four librarians...


"With all of the discussions, opinions, and analyses of ebooks these days, one of the aspects we don’t hear enough about are libraries and how they’re adapting to the e-verse. An article in PW recently discussed the situation from a library’s point of view and pointed out some issues that are impeding the growth of ebook borrowing. As both an author and an avid user of libraries, I decided to approach it a little differently.


A large percentage of my readers, maybe even a majority, have borrowed my books from the library in the past, so I’m especially interested how and if library patrons are able to download my ebooks easily. So far, the answer is “kinda-sorta.” The only way I know that patrons can download ebooks is through Overdrive, and there seems to be some issues with Overdrive’s inventory, ie some libraries have titles that other libraries don’t. In other words, no consistency. Which is not a good thing for a mid-list author."


Via Karen du Toit