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You live a life of stories. You travel, you tweet, you shoot, you meet. Intersect places
your stories in the context of your life, showing where you are now--and where and when
you've been in the past. And who else was there.

Of course it's free! Give it a try and read more down

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Dear teachers, researchers, social media curators Kindly I invite you to join free http://tiny.cc/docedtech20 and collaborate in #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation and #semantic global project gateway to knowledge in #education20 http://edtech20curationprojectineducation.blogspot.com/2011/07/introduction-for-free-edtech20.html ; http://central.ly/web20education/ http://unhub.com/web20education/
Please write CAREFULLY your name, email , country , twitter username,your google plus, your blog and I will invite you to join #edtech20 PLN http://web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ and wiki https://web20andsocialmediaineducation2010.wikispaces.com/ and I will make a wiki page with all collaborators . This is a free project for teachers who aims to bring semantic web , social media and web 2.0 in XXI Century Education and discover new #edtech20 #edtools
This topic is curated by me, Lucian Duma father , teacher, social media curator and researcher and you can contact me twitter http://twitter.com/#!/web20education ; read more about my research https://plus.google.com/117863563779519083553/about

Capture moments and interests on your lifelong storyline. See the video.
See a storyline map of all the places somebody's been--or you've been. Embed the map on a blog or site
Share a story easily. See the video.
Add a video to a story. To learn how, take a look at this.
Choose the audience for any story you post
You change over time, and your Intersect profile photo can too
Explore stories that surround you in time and place
Connect with people who have crossed your path
Post on the go with the Intersect iPhone app