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What is Grisker?
Simply put, Grisker is a two page magazine/poster fully designed by you!

Providing a new way user can publish their content online without following the fixed layout of a typical blog post.

It is a unique creation made up of various media, such as text, images and video, totally up to you to make it stand out, and is also a great way to express yourself.
Why choose us?
Easy-to-use. We keep everything as simple as possible to provide the best way to navigation around the application hassle-free, while providing the best tools required to create professional looking pages.

Creativity. There is tons of blog host out there, what make us stand out is the capability to make every 'post' creative using various elements.

Multi-purpose. We target at all kind of category, be it creating a blog or portfolio, Grisker simply make everything look right and fit into the theme.

Intuitive. We want visitor to be engaged on every visit, thus there is features set for visitor to to engage various activity with the publisher.