Preview Google Reader RSS Feed Items In A Grid Layout In Chrome | Curation, Veille et Outils |

Google Reader offers a great way to keep track of all your RSS feed subscriptions from anywhere and its integration with Google can be hard to substitute. However, many find its interface lacking in terms of visual appeal. You have the choice to either put up with the design, use a desktop app to read your feeds, or use an extension to modify it to your liking. Grid Preview For Google Reader is a Chrome extension that presents your Google Reader feeds in a grid layout, as the name implies. The extension does not change what the home view looks like; you will see your feed change its layout only when you select a particular feed to view. The extension integrates itself with Google Reader’s interface and adds a column selection dropdown menu next to the one for ‘Feed settings’. From this menu, you can choose to divide your feed into as few as two or as many as twelve columns.