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Scooped by Hetal Jadeja!

Nature Blows My Mind! Weird and Deadly Carnivorous Plants

Nature Blows My Mind! Weird and Deadly Carnivorous Plants | curation of learning resources |
Some things in nature are the stuff of nightmares, like meat-eating plants that lure their victims in with sweetness.


Flesh-eating plants? Oh yes, they exist. We've turned them into the subjects of dark tales and horror movies. But the reality of them is far more morbidly fascinating than any Hollywood creation.


In areas where soil nutrients are so low that flora life struggles to survive, such a bogs or rainforest floors, some plants have made amazing adaptations, turning their bodies into wells to lure and drown victims, or topping off tiny hairs with a sweet-smelling sticky substance to trap and digest insects, or even snapping shut and trapping a curious bug.

Hetal Jadeja's insight:

Sharing information like this will build childrens curiosity and will build the interest .

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Rescooped by Hetal Jadeja from A for Ang Moh!

Adaptation to Extremes

A video on plant adaptations to the environment - Coniferous / dessert plants

Via Susana Tan
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