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One of the important elements of the tripartite model of content curation is sharing. It assumes the value which is determined by the purpose and the objectives set by the topic curator(s). Sharing may, for example, follow a marketing strategy or may be moved by the spontaneity of the curator (or the user/follower). With regard to Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Harold Jarche highlights a significant aspect to guide sharing: discernment, i.e., when sharing you must be aware of the following aspects: when, with whom and how. Sharing can be done openly, through a blog, or it can be targeted to a particular community or network. Like PKM, when you are curating, a discerning sharing also contributes to build trust. If a curator sets himself as a reliable node for a community or network, his intervention will have a greater value and impact.


Image credit:Harold Jarche

Via Paula Silva, Nancy White